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Cinco de Mayo Playlist

cinco de mayo playlist

songs for cinco de mayo

Cinco de Mayo will be here before we know it. It's one of our favorite holidays and we used to throw killer Cinco de Mayo parties. Not only because there's a birthday in the house so it's double the reason to celebrate, but also because it's such a colorful holiday. It's one of the easiest parties to throw together because the theme is built-in for you, the decorations are plentiful and the color scheme is as wild as you want to make it. Piñatas, margaritas, crazy hats… you name it, everything is full of color! It's the perfect party for the whole family.

Whether you are having a fiesta, celebrating spring, a birthday, or just looking for an excuse to party… we have a Cinco de Mayo playlist for you.

Our Cinco de Mayo playlist on Spotify

spotify cinco de mayo


Happy listening!


The 13+ Best Halloween Songs

Halloween party playlist | Popcosmo

Halloween Party Playlist Trick or treat, it's Halloween season which means it's time for some ear candy. Or is it eery candy? Either way, we way want the best Halloween songs for getting dressed up and heading to a frightful party, background music to baking a pumpkin recipe, or just getting us in the fall mood. And these tunes are tops for us, no matter how old, how recent, how rock 'n roll or how pop. So here's a whole cauldron of Halloween tunes that mixed together make a spooky & fun background to whatever treats you have in mind for Halloween fun!


Thriller - Michael Jackson.


Rocky Horror Show - Time Warp


Jump in the Line - Harry Belafonte


Werewolves of London - Warren Zevon


Talking Heads - Psycho Killer


A Beautiful Monster - NeYo


Men in Black - Will Smith


A Nightmare on My Street - DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince


Disturbia - Rihanna


This is Halloween - Marilyn Manson


Ghostbusters - Ray Parker, Jr.


Rock Lobster - B 52's


Monster Mash - Bobby Pickett


Stevie Wonder - Superstition


I want Candy - Bow Wow Wow

And there you have it... all set for a night for ghouls, goblins and treats for your ears. Enjoy and let us know what songs we might include next year on our annual Halloween song list!



Forecastle Music Festival Fashion

FASHIONKim & Chloe

This past weekend was Forecastle, our favorite music festival. Maybe it's our fave because it's practically in our backyard in Louisville, but also because it happens to be amazingly well-organized, friendly for families and adults. Seriously, what other festival has a bourbon lodge? Even Rolling Stone has included it in its “31 Coolest Tours and Festivals of 2012." This year's lineup included Houndmouth (who have been making the late night talk show rounds), The Black Keys, The Flaming Lips, Alabama Shakes, The Avett Brothers... I could go on all day. Well, 3 days. In addition to killer music to keep us entertained, there is always fun music festival fashion to delight our eyes.

  music festival fashion

what to wear to a music festival

festival fashion

Forecastle Music Festival Fashion

Fashion for music festivals

what to wear to music festivals

We noticed a moccasin trend (there were tons, from booties to tall boots with shorts), jean shorts, and summer hats in every style. Sunglasses were an absolute necessity. And can you say "hot and steamy?" Comfort and hydration are always music festival fashion staples and the coolest accessory was a camelback (free refills, baby).

And although a maxi dress can be dressed up or down, you might ask why sport a maxi dress when it's so hot? It's the ultimate do-it-all! It's a dress, it's a bug-blocker, it's a towel when you sit down, but wait... it's a booty hider when you sit cross-legged or dance all night long. Could you ask any more from a simple dress or skirt?

Hope to see you next year at our Forecastle, our favorite music festival - yes, we're biased - but Rolling Stone isn't, and here's their review. Check it out!

Summer Songs, Part 1

summer playlist

It's finally summer. Full of road trips, beach trips, & pool days. And don't each of these moments need a soundtrack to remember them? Our summer songs got a good workout as we started our road trip and the song that make us dance the most is Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines. I hope the radio doesn't overplay it this summer since it's definitely shaping up to be the "Call Me Maybe" of 2013 but with an effortlessly cool dance video. *love it*  Icona Pop's "I Don't Care" has been getting so much airplay that we introduce you to another hit by the Swedish duo. So put on your sunnies, grab a tall glass of something cool and sit back and enjoy the summer songs!! Summer Songs

image via Pinterest (let me know if you know original source!)

Here are our new faves, classics, and some songs on our summer playlist we are taking out for spin to see what we think. Oh, and these are just Part 1. Summer Songs, Part 2 will be coming soon!

The Summer Songs of 2013:

Anything by Icona Pop, but this one hasn't been overplayed (yet):

Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines: hey, hey, hey.... And our Spotify playlist. Feel free to follow us and catch when we add a new playlist even when we don't post it!

Happy listening and enjoy your summer songs and summertime!

Happy Songs


We're kicking back and getting ready for the a long holiday weekend with our happy songs - whether it's dancing or just hanging around catching up on missed TV series. What would the soundtrack for our weekend be... we put together a playlist and these are the songs that make us smile. Our playlist is perfect to get you going or wind down since it starts out with some pumped up jams and tapers off for a long night of hanging out and kicking back with friends. happy songs

Which are your favorite happy songs? We kind of like the one - don't worry, you'll find it  (let us know in the comments below when you do) - with the lyrics "you are my tuxedo, and I'm your bow tie." BFFs! But we have a thing for bow ties. {We've got a cool DIY for bow ties, that aren't really bow ties, coming up soon, but that's a whole 'nother story.} For now, revel in the free time of a holiday weekend with a happy songs soundtrack in the background.




Halloween Songs: the party playlist

halloween songs

Halloween is sneaking deviously around the corner and we have been making Halloween candy, and have our costumes ready. It's the time of bubble, toil, trouble, vampires, werewolves and other tragically hip characters. And most importantly, it's the time for dressing up and procuring free candy. So, yeah. Maybe you're too old to pull off the whole "trick or treat" thing. But you're never too old to dress up and enjoy a good party with Halloween songs playing in the background. We've put together a quirky witches brew of tunes that even the most maudlin monster would enjoy! Yes. We started with the obvious. But c'mon! It's the quintessential Halloween tune!

"Is there a ghost in my house?"

An awesomely spooky song AND the video just adds to the creep factor. Unless skateboarding nuns and clowns of questionable character seem normal to you...

How did they make their faces do that??? *shudder*

The Ramones were an unearthly looking bunch, even when they WEREN'T singing about cemetaries. If you're really feeling brave, rent the movie based on the Stephen King novel. You'll never look at your darling pets the same.

More Halloween songs to finish off your playlist of horror... Sonic Youth- Halloween Zombina and the Skeletones- Horror High School Panic! At the Disco or Marilyn Manson- This is Halloween (cover) Blue Oyster Cult- Don't Fear the Reaper (or you can opt for the haunting cover by Gus) Pink Floyd- Dark Side of the Moon Radiohead- Wolf at the Door (this one drops the f bomb so you can take out if you want) The Black Keys- Howlin' for You Stars- I Died So I Could Haunt You Beck- Scarecrow Annie Lennox- Love Song for a Vampire  

Lights Resolve

lights resolve

Popcosmo loves discovering music! We stumbled upon our latest band crush on the lineup for the upcoming Deluna Fest Music Festival in Pensacola, Florida. The minute we heard Lights Resolve, we KNEW we had to find out what these guys are all about. And not because they are totally cute. Or that they’ve (reportedly) wrestled a bear once. Their music ROCKS! But being totally cute and (reportedly) wrestling a bear once are added bonuses. Lights Resolve formed in Long Island, NY in 2006. They have since been named one of 2009’s “Breakout Bands” by Rolling Stone, played with the likes of Panic! At the Disco and Dashboard Confessional, had a song featured on Season 1 of The Jersey Shore AND logged some major downloads for their song “Dreaming of Love,” from the Rock Band video game. Representing Lights Resolve are:

Matthew Reich – Vocals, Guitar; Neal Saini – Drums; Luke Daniels – Bass

We caught up with Matthew who was awesome enough to answer a few random questions for us.

Age: 29

Always has: Drive

Proudest of: Music we've created and shows we've played.

Is thankful for: Music we've created and shows we've played.

Wants to: Write more music

Is afraid of: Not being able to write music and also snakes.

Believes everyone should: Hydrate properly.

Is embarrassed by: Voice cracks on stage...make sure you warm up properly all of you vocalists!

My style is: Better than yours...actually, probably not.

Pet peeve: Smoking and BO.

What are 3 things people probably don't know about the band?

We are one of the most diverse bands in terms of race and religion, we like the movie Twins (featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito) and we wrestled a bear once.

Were any of you in band or Glee Club in high school? Was it considered geeky or cool? I was a leader in my marching band. I taught the marching band how to play hip hop songs at the football games. I was cool as shit!

Do you guys get along all the time? Anyone have annoying habits? As with brothers, we are constantly bickering and making fun of each other...but all in good taste. Annoying habits? Where do I begin...I possess a bunch as well.

What book is on your nightstand? Reading for Dummies

If you could only take 3 things on tour with you (besides absolute essentials) what would you bring? An avocado, a snorkel and an ice pick.

Do you hang out aside from the band? If the weather's good.

Coffee, Red Bull, Soda or Water? Red Bull because they are fantastic and ship us cases to keep us energized.

If you were a girl, which of the others would you date and why? Neal seems to be the sweetest guy in the band, plus he's got those long locks of love!

What musician/band from the past would you want to work with? The Partridge Family Band would be pretty wild.

Do you follow back on Instagram or Twitter? Absolutely! Follow us now: @lightsresolve

You can catch Lights Resolve at Gramercy Theater in New York, NY on 09/29/12

Check their website for upcoming events, album downloads and other fun stuff here


“With the Pieces”


“Another Five Days”



Miriam Bryant: Finders Keepers

Miriam Bryant

It's all too easy to compare any up-and-coming female artist with a strong voice to Adele. And although she finds it flattering, comparing Swedish singer/songwriter Miriam Bryant would just be a cop out. Sure... she possesses a powerful voice but her single "Finders Keepers" has that "something."  In fact, since our interview, she's been named an MTV "Artist of the Week," which is an enormous deal for any artist, but especially when you only have one single out.  And what a single.

It starts with a soulful, gut wrenching melody and builds up to an intense ending with electrical overtones that hint at dubstep. The combo works in a powerful way. We think Miss Bryant is going to have to soon face her fear of flying because this chick is about to take off in a major way. Popcosmo rapped with Miriam recently to find out more about her singing/songwriting with her childhood friend Victor Rådström and what inspires her.

Age: 21

Always has: a lot of things going on

Proudest of: little brother

Is thankful for: life in general

Wants to: be cool and noisy

Is afraid of: planes

Believes everyone should: be cool and noisy

Is embarrassed by: nothing at all

My style is: my own

When did you first start singing and writing songs? Singing has always been a big part of my personality and it´s my way of expressing myself. I first started writing my own songs in November 2011. It´s something that´s still very new to me and it makes me happy and I love it.

How has your life affected your music? In every way possible.

Who inspires you musically? Nobody in particular, inspiration is so random. Friends, family, situations in life, everything around me inspires me... When I grew up I listened to The Backstreet boys and I pretended that they were all in love with me. I had posters of them all over my walls!

You've been compared vocally to Adele. Do comparisons bother you or do you take it as a compliment? Adele has a stunning voice and I take it as a compliment to be compared to someone so talented.

What's it like working with Victor? What sort of dynamic do you have? We always have a great time, we're close friends. He is extremely talented and we never set any rules at all. Usually I write all the lyrics, he writes all the music, and we do the melodies together, but as I said, we don't like to set any rules!

I read that you are fearful of flying. With your career taking off (no pun intended!) how do you plan to conquer your fear? I guess I'll just have to get over it. Life is short, I could get hit by a bus tomorrow, and I don't wanna have any regrets in life. Think I will be flying to Germany next month!

What is your favorite thing about performing? Everything about it is awesome... When you’re sort of in it and you forget where you are and you just mean every word.

Do you prefer the performing aspect or the creative process of writing music? Both, in different ways! Performing is giving and writing is taking. When I perform I give bits and pieces of myself to the audience, and when I write I take bits and pieces of myself and my surroundings and try and make a song/lyrics about what I feel, or see. Writing is therapy, and at the same time it's a puzzle.

What advice would you give young women today? Follow your impulses. Be your amazing self. Never let anyone tell you how you should live your life.

Although she might have appeared on the music radar of the world from Gothenburg Sweden after coming out-of-nowhere, we expect to see and hear a lot more from Miriam Bryant... hopefully very soon! Follow here to stay up to date: http://www.facebook.com/miriambryantmusic


Songs About High School: The Ultimate Playlist


A back-to-school playlist with songs about high school helps with the big questions, like what outfit should I wear on the first day? Earphones or headphones, curl my hair or wear it straight?  Backpack on both shoulders or hanging loose on one, is it shameless or savvy to loudly call dibs on the new hot guy? Like it or not, it's the time of year that those questions are starting to push past the nothingness in your summertime mind and take over your entire being. While you're busy with your plan of attack, put on these songs about high school playlist for inspiration.... Simple. One guitar, one voice, one hot guy singing about school. If that doesn't make you want to throw on your backpack and wait for the bus, I don't know what will.



Yep...celebrity gossip is kinda like high school...and Reese Witherspoon does look like a Homecoming Queen. Definitely in our "songs about high school ultimate playlist" list!


Can I go to this high school? Please? I'll borrow my mom's 80's clothes. I'll fit right in. (Bonus...Rent the movie by the same name for your back-to-school party. Wonderful 80's cheesiness!)


For those of you headed off to college. Or those of you when that day can't get here fast enough...


Here's the one that started it all...RIP MCA!!!


With lyrics taken from the 1964 teen advice book Penny's Guide to Teen-Age Charm and Popularity and sung in a deadpan voice with a sprinkle of bitterness, this song is hilarious. Remember ladies...wash your hair at least once every 2 weeks and tell Johnny Football Hero that he had a great game!

Nada Surf- Popular


Great pump-up song from the girl who taught us all how to spell bananas!

Gwen Stefani- Hollaback Girl


But wait! There's more for your songs about high school ultimate playlist...

Modest Mouse- The Neverending Math Equation

Vampire Weekend- Campus

The Clash- Mark Me Absent

Gym Class Heroes- Scandalous Scholastics

Jackson Five- ABC

Eminem- Brain Damage

Pearl Jam- Education/Jeremy

Barenaked Ladies- Grade 9

Katy Perry- Last Friday Night

Nirvana- School

John Mayer- No Such Thing

Taylor Swift- You Belong With Me

Dar Williams- End of the Summer

Emily Osment- I Hate the Homecoming Queen

Kanye West- School Spirit


Jacob Latimore: get starstruck


Jacob Latimore may have first come to your attention on Radio Disney, or you may have heard his single with Diggy Simmons "Like 'Em All" or you could have seen Jacob Latimore in the movie Vanishing on 7th Street. Perhaps you saw Jacob Latimore on Tyler Perry's House of Payne, or One Tree Hill, Reed Between the Lines, So Random, or... well, whew!! If you have somehow missed out on this amazing talent, then Popcosmo would like to officially introduce you to Jacob Latimore. This BET YoungStars nominated hottie is blowing up in a major way. Actor...singer...dancer. Is there anything he CAN'T do? We sat down with Jacob while he is on the Mindless Behavior "#1 Girl Tour" to find out.

Jacob Latimore You Come First

Thanks for meeting with us! After flying in from NYC yesterday for the release of your video to the HOT new single that's climbing the charts,"You Come First," available for download on iTunes, we should start off with our quick questions:

Age: 15 Always has: My laptop Proudest of: Being on my 3rd tour (Scream Tour, Diggy Simmons Tour, #1 Girl Tour) Thankful for: A good team Wants to: Skydive Afraid of: Might sound weird, but I don't like squirrels Believes everyone should: Be positive and follow their dreams My style is: A variety, because I mean, I don't really have one style. I try things on and if I like it.... I'm more of a winter and fall dresser. I love boots, scarves, skullcaps, trench coats. Pet peeve: I hate when people come in my room and don't clean up after themselves.

"You Come First"

Tell us some of your favorites: Favorite color - red, favorite movie - Home Alone 3, favorite food - Grandma's soul food, like macaroni & cheese, yams, meatloaf. She makes it for me when I go visit her.

What's the hardest part about being so famous? When I'm tired! But the best part is seeing the fans and being on tour. I love doing this... being on the road and seeing the fans. It runs in the family. My Dad and my Uncle sing, it goes back to my Grandfather and great-Grandfather. It was meant to be.

Have you ever been starstruck? I was starstruck by Eddie Murphy -- he had a vibe, star power. I saw him at BET pre-show party. He was there and swagged out. And if I ran into Justin Timberlake he would make me starstruck.

Are you going to be doing any more movies? Yes, I'm doing a few auditions and can't say too much more. Acting is something I want to balance out with my singing career.

How do you get ready to go out and perform? I sit down and meditate and I'm like a zombie. People talk to me and I don't hear them. I think about the show and get in the zone and pray and stretch.

Worst onstage experience? A long time ago, before I was signed to a record label, I sang the wrong words, so I just started dancing and nobody even noticed!

Best experience onstage? Every show! Jacob Latimore

Your "OMG I've made it" moment? Yesterday [at the You Come First video premier in New York City]. I feel like You Come First  is like "wow,this is really happening." I love my fans, and I think this song can reach so many more people beyond my fanbase.

What do you see in the future for your career? I see being one of the best entertainers because performing is something that I want to perfect and make sure it's right. People buy tickets to see you, so you want to give it your all. I want to get into writing songs, and producing, and playing all kinds of instruments and doing things on the acting side also.

Do you have a signature dance move? I just dance how I feel....

Are you into sports? I love sports. I love football and the Bears are my team.

We enjoyed chatting with Jacob, and were awed by the concert with dancing reminiscent of Michael Jackson, on-stage charisma that gave us goose-bumps, and devoted fans that could rival Justin Bieber's. While Jacob Latimore has been called a triple threat for his exceptional acting, singing and dancing ability, we disagree. He's all that and more. He's got stage presence that oozes star power. That "it" that takes your breath away. The ear-piercing screams from the fans at "#1 Girl Tour" would prove our point, but one look at him on stage and it's obvious that entertaining is in his blood. We are not sure if it's genetic, or if it's his grandmother's good soul-food that's got some magic entertaining sparkle in it; but whatever it is, we  recommend that you do not miss an opportunity to see Jacob perform live! He'll leave you starstruck.

"Nothing on Me": The dance video everyone still talks about!

#1 Girl Tour Schedule Starring Mindless Behavior with Special Guests Jacob Latimore and Lil' Twist, with Kayla Brianna on select dates.

July 20 - Nashville, TN July 21 - Southaven, MS July 22 - St. Louis, MO July 26 - Detroit, MI July 28 - Chicago, IL August 1 - Birmingham, AL August 2 - Augusta, GA August 3 - Columbia, SC August 4 - Atlanta, GA August 9 - Baton Rouge, LA August 10 - New Orleans, LA August 11 - Houston, TX August 12 - Dallas, TX August 16 - Las Vegas, NV August 17 - Los Angeles, CA August 18 - Oakland, CA



Summer Music Festivals: Fashion Field Snaps


Summer Music Festivals are going strong and we are lucky enough that Forecastle Festival is a summer music festival that's held in our own backyard.  Our favorite part of summer music festivals is not only the music: the fashion show on the field is as much a feast for the eyes as the music is for the ears.  The Forecastle Festival is billed as one of the "Top 15 Outdoor Festivals in the Country" and is attended by more than 30,000 people. The layout was perfect, and made it easy to music-hop among all the artists without ever feeling rushed or crowded. And speaking of the crowd... we reveled in the fab fashion and unique style. It was a non-stop show for the senses from the moment we arrived, and the playful attitude and fun-seeking attendees were entertaining and entertained. Everyone was at Forecastle just to have fun and everyone was in a great mood -- be sure to put it on your calendar for next year!

One fashion theme of the day was adorable dresses and wearable shoes, whether boots to avoid the mud or tenny shoes to be comfortable. Wearing a cute dress, vintage or new, neon or subdued, made each of these girls stand out in the crowd.

summer music festival

Hannah Margaret Allen's neon caught our eye and her blog does too: HannahMargaretAllen.blogspot.com

summer music festivals

Anna Roeder, wearing a vintage floral dress and her artsy blog PrettyTheFool.blogspot.com is just as striking.

summer music festivals

Kristen from New York City looking chic.

Another notable trend was flowers in your hair. Whether bringing out boho vibes or expressing a fun-loving music attitude, a crown of flowers was an accessory of choice to add color and and a smile.

summer music festivals

Olivia and Saba visited Forecastle from New York City and Los Angeles - above and below.

summer music festivals

summer music festivals

Becca & Kiera keeping it bright and cheery.

These teens make fashion for summer music festivals look simple: casual and cute, comfy and chic!

summer music festivals

Olivia, Tess, Megan, Cat are ready to rock out to Scarlet Smile, a rock band that captivated the crowd and got everyone in the mood for a day of non-stop music, food and fun!

summer music festivals

Elizabeth & Lexie taking a break. Both are wearing the hottest trend of the day: boots to avoid the mud and high-waisted skirts or shorts.

summer music festivals

Marnie, who was visiting from Free People in Nashville, perfectly matched her dip-dye hair to her barrette!

summer music fest

Michelle's wearing black & white maxi skirt by American Apparel.  The crop top keeps it hip, and the maxi skirt means no worrying about holding down your skirt as your dance the night away!

So, as you see, there is no one summer music festival style. Whatever style you enjoy goes, just keep it comfortable and fun!

Videos of the week: Austin Mahone + so much more!

Video of the week

Our top videos of the week include Austin Mahone's "Say Something" ... we can't get enough of him. Although we <3 One Direction and Justin Bieber, we know the next big thing when we see him. And we're willing to bet Austin Mahone is gonna be big. Do you agree? "Say something" (haha) in the comments below!

Do you know the quote, "what would you do if you knew you would not fail?" Need some inspiration to do... well, just about anything? Watch this video. Seriously, it should get you moving towards whatever your goal may be. Go on, conquer those fears!

Wouldn't it be nice if all our teachers were this clever?! GloZell always makes us laugh, even making fun of One Direction's "I Should've Kissed You"

And here's what One Direction "I Should've Kissed You" really sounds like before GloZell butchers discusses their song! Hope you enjoyed our fave videos of the week! Have a wonderful weekend!

Summer Playlist


You know how a summer playlist can take you right back to a moment? A first kiss… goofy moments with friends… a fun trip or vacation… or even the most trivial moment can feel incredible when you’re taken back to it by a certain song. So here is the summer playlist for you to kick-start those moments. Now go get started on making memories! songs for summer

Drums- Let's Go Surfing Boys. Boys running. Boys running and playing instruments. Also,we think they're singing about surfing or something...

Boys Like Girls- Thunder This song makes us want to cram 20 of our closest friends into a vintage convertible and go cruisin' to find a boy that is our thunder.

Kermit the Frog- Put the Lime in the Coconut Ok...this song is officially sung by Harry Nilsson...but any song is better when covered by The Muppets.

The Wanted - Chasing the Sun We want them, we want the sun; 1 out of 2 isn't bad.

Snow Patrol - Called out in the Dark Because you need to cool off a little and "this is your life, this is your time." Enjoy summer!

Jason Aldean- Dirt Road Anthem Hot Southern Summers are THE BEST...

Kory Burns- Let Me Count the Ways Kory gets the award for Best Summer Boyfriend.

Here are some more...reggae, country, steel drums, pop, rap, alternative...yep. Looks like we've got you covered!

Fun. - Some Nights Sleeping With Sirens- Postcards and Polaroids Jane’s Addiction- Jane Says Bob Marley- No Woman, No Cry Bruno Mars- The Lazy Song Modest Mouse- Float On/The Ocean Breathes Salty Zac Brown Band- Knee Deep/Chicken Fried Violent Femmes-Blister in the Sun Kid Rock- All Summer Long The Flaming Lips- Summertime LFO-Summer Girls Phantom Planet- California 2005 Lenka- The Show The Decemberists- Sunshine Beck- Magnolia Milagres- Here to Stay The Sundays- Summertime Best Coast- Summer Mood Simple Plan- Summer Paradise ft. Sean Paul California Gurls- Katy Perry ft. Snoop Dogg

Must-See Bands at Summer Music Festivals


With Bonnaroo Music Festival and CMA in Tennessee this weekend, plus Pitchfork in Chicago next weekend and scores of other summer music festivals this summer here's our list of must-see bands.  Summer music festivals are a great way for new bands to get exposure, but it’s also a great opportunity for you to discover cool new music. With the popularity of summer music festivals increasing, more are cropping up each year. This means that there is a great possibility that there is a venue that is close to YOU! We've already helped you pack your bag with musicfest essentials, now we've created a list of a few of our favorite artists that are currently on tour and playing summer music festivals across the United States. A genre-defying jam band with rock, reggae, and funk influences, Dispatch is back after an almost 10 year hiatus.  The band is made up of just three members…Brad Corrigan, Pete Francis Heimbold, and Chad Urmston.  They hit the road on tour in 2011 and released a new album in May.  Check out “Valentine”

A folksy, neo-hippie group that consists of at least 10 members, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros put on an amazing live show.  At any given time you might see a fiddle, ukulele, accordion, trumpet, keyboard or viola… along with the ordinary guitar and percussion.  Alex, the idiosyncratic lead singer will likely be dressed in all white, seemingly pajama-like garb and may very well be barefoot.  And you can feel their excitement while they are on stage.  Listen to “Home.”


With their bluesy/country/rock feel, Heartless Bastards is a four-piece band with Ericka Wennerstrom on lead vocals.  Her voice is throaty and perfect.  They released their fourth album (Arrow) on Valentine’s Day.  Could this be why we love them so much?  Listen to “Mountain” and chill.  Because it’s a chill song.

The Shins are described as a folk/surf rock band.  We prefer to describe them as “jangly.”  You may have heard their music on The OC, Gilmore Girls or even The Spongebob Squarepants Movie.  Spongebob Squarepants.  Do you really need any more reason to listen???   New Slang

Led by Sameer Gadhia , Young the Giant is a rock/pop band whose song “Cough Syrup” was recently featured on GLEE. People love to yell out, “Which one is Young” and “Which one is the Giant?”  We don’t really care which is which.  All we know is that Sameer has dreamy eyes. And dreamy lips.  And dreamy hair.  Watch the official “Cough Syrup” video so that you may take in all the dreamy.

YoungThe Giant

Michael Wayne Atha, aka Yelawolf, is a rapper who proudly hails from Alabama…and you’ll often hear a “Roll Tide” and see him show off his Bama tats during his high-energy shows.  Yela has appeared on The Road to Stardom with Missy Elliot.  He also has acting chops.  He’s appeared on an episode of CSI: Crime Scence Investigation.  With friends like Travis Barker and Wiz Khalifa, this guy is gonna go far.  It doesn’t hurt to collaborate with Kid Rock either…

Mac Miller…hip hop artist…friend of Wiz Khalafia…has a remix of Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend”… really, really cute.  So here.  Now you won’t have to frantically search for the remix…

You know how they say a relationship is better if you’re friends first?  Well, the same can apply to bands.  GROUPLOVE became fast friends but didn’t actually form a band until a year later.  “Tongue Tied” is a great song…and semi-naked pale guys falling into kiddie pools are pretty funny.  And it was also sung on GLEE.

Cage the Elephant hails from Kentucky.  Because they are good friends with one of our all-time faves, Sleeper/Agent, you'll often find them touring together…which is double the awesome.  Their song “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked” was played in the video game “Borderlands.”  And Matthew Shultz walks kind of like a zombie in the video…

As we were listening to Alabama Shakes, a girl behind us said of Brittany Howard, the lead singer, “Her voice is amazing.  She is like the Adele that no one knows about yet.”  We can’t think of a better description.  Plus, when we ran into her in the VIP artist area, she totally humored Lisa and posed for a picture after she turned all giggly fan girl on her.  We dare you to listen to her sing live without her soulful, bluesy voice giving you chills.  We dare you.

ALabama Shakes

Lead singer crowd-surfing in a hamster ball?  Copious amounts of confetti? Balloons and beach balls bopping through the crowd?   Capes, oversized furry bear gloves and one-piece gold lame’ bodysuits?  Yes.  Flaming Lips has it all.  This is the show not to be missed.  Led by Wayne Coyne, the Flaming Lips have been around since 1983.  They were named on Q Magazine’s list of 50 Bands to See Before You Die.  We emphatically agree.  In fact, we are already stalking tickets to catch the next show closest to us.  For your enjoyment… a song about a girl defeating pink robots…


All photos taken at Hangout Music Fest, in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

Sleeper Agent


Imagine being just 16 years old, leaving school, and joining a band of 20-something year old guys to go on tour. That is exactly what Alex Kandel of Sleeper/Agent did. I couldn't wait to sit down with her and see what life is like on the road. I caught up with her (yep, that's me on the left in the cover photo with Alex Kandel in the shades) at Hangout Festival in Gulf Shores, AL. after Sleeper Agent played their set. She invited us into the band's trailer (which made me feel so super-cool) to talk about what it's like to be a girl in a rock band. She's the lead singer of Sleeper/Agent, which is THE alt-rock band you need to know.  The band consists of Alex Kandel (vocals), Tony Smith (guitar/vocals), Lee Williams (bass), Josh Martin (guitar), Scott Martin (keyboard) and Justin Wilson (drummer).  They are from Bowling Green Kentucky and will be playing at Forecastle Festival in Louisville July 13-15... and loads of places between now and then. Popcosmo:  So you were 16 when you started with Sleeper Agent?

Alex:  Yeah…when I started meeting with them, writing, playing I was around 16 and then 17 when we started really taking it seriously…and 18 when the record deal happened.  I signed immediately after I turned 18.

Popcosmo:  And I understand there was a little convincing that had to go on with you joining the band?

Alex:  Yes…just because it meant that I would have to leave school early and finish on my own accord.  My Mom was understandably against it…because I was a really good student...that’s what I was going to do…I wanted to go to, like, this awesome college, I had it all lined up, I had college credits…had done the AP test, ACT and all that.  In my Mom’s eyes, she was like ‘you can do music anytime you want’ but to me it was like ‘but not this opportunity’ and I was passionate about this opportunity and I wanted to see it through.  And so my Mom told me if I wanted to do this it would have to be without her support and that I needed to understand that she was not agreeing with me.  So it was my first adult decision as far as “Wow…my Mom doesn’t want me to do this but I can do it anyway.”  But my Mom is my best friend so even though I did it, we worked on our relationship after the fact.  And she was really proud of me because I did it, and I saw it through.

At this point Tony Smith walks in and plops down on the floor, looking ever-so-cool in his sunglasses.  Like Alex, he is even more adorable in person.  I find myself wanting to pick them up like a Barbie and Ken doll, squash their faces together and make them kiss.  But it’s not like that…

Popcosmo:  Was it an issue touring with guys…much less older guys?

Alex:  Not really.  That was never really the problem because my mom really trusts me to make smart decisions and she knows all the guys…they’re really good guys.  They’re older brothers.  I think she would feel worse if they were my age.  They watch over me like hawks.  They’re my older brothers.

Popcosmo:  And there was some persuading on your part to get into the band as well?

Alex:  Oh yeah.  I weaseled my way into this band!  There were like “Nah” and I had to really want it and really pester them a lot until they were finally like, “fine” thinking that I would…

Tony:  Chicken out.

Alex:  Yeah.  But then I learned 4 songs in 3 days and we did the show at Mercy Lounge in Nashville which is a place that we still play a lot on tours and stuff so it was really cool that was my first show. Popcosmo:  And that was all it took?

Alex:  Yeah after that show it was like “wow” and all our friends that were there were really excited about it.  I think that was the first time we felt like a real band.

Popcosmo:  And you skipped your senior year?

Alex:  Well, half of it.  I’m finishing up when we have time off…doing some work here and there.  I only have 2 credits left.  It sounds so bad (laughs)…but I’m in the real world now where I have this email to answer or these things to do and I’m doing this and writing an article for that and I have a job now and I’m going to do this but I have to crack the whip and do it myself now.  There’s no one there waking me up and making me do it.

Popcosmo:  What’s it like being on tour with all boys?  Stinky?

Alex:  If I could get rid of my nose, I would!  Yeah…it doesn’t really smell pleasant ever.  We all travel together in a van…we don’t have a big tour bus yet…so there’s a lot of sleeping in a van while someone else drives in shifts.  But I’m very obsessed with my special expensive shower products that I keep with me at all times.  And that’s, like, my one chance to be a girl when I’m in the shower…these fancy soaps and shampoos.

Popcosmo:  Things are happening so fast…you’ve been Rolling Stone’s “Band to Watch” and you’re touring.  When you go home to Kentucky do people treat you differently…especially boys?

Alex:  Um…well, I would just say they’re a lot nicer. More friendly and more likely to approach me.  There have been a few times when we are home when people have asked for pictures and that’s really weird.

Popcosmo:  Most embarrassing moment onstage?

Alex:  OK…I have a really …I wouldn’t say ‘weak’ stomach…but I get really weighted down by food easily.  So I can’t really eat before we play because I move around a lot.  And I will start to feel nauseous.  So my most embarrassing moment is the time I ate way too much before we played one day and retched into the microphone.  I didn’t throw up!  But instead of singing…just, “BLEHHH”…that noise came out into the microphone.  It was awful.

Tony:  And there was that one show where you couldn’t move at all…you just swayed back and forth.  What was that…Ichiban?

Alex: Ugh

Tony:  And she was so sick…

Alex:  It was food poisoning.  So it wasn’t just that I ate too much!  I was literally sick.

At this point, Alex said she wanted to share some advice for girls who may want to go into the business…

Alex:  A lot of times when we play onstage and stuff… just because I’m a girl and in music… for some reason… since I’m in a rock band… that’s not OK for some reason.  I mean, you’d think we would be beyond that at this point.  I’ve never been like, “Oh…I’m a feminist” and I don’t like that word but I’ve learned a lot from doing this.  I had never felt as strongly about it until now, but if I want to wear a t-shirt and jeans, I will.  But a lot of people, even women, have made a big deal out of the fact that I’m not attractive or sexy because I don’t wear tight dresses.  I mean, they will openly say that about me and say that’s why they don’t like the band.  And that’s always something I like to be for younger girls.  I remember when I was younger, the girl musicians I liked were the ones who were just really honest and not all dressed up.  You know, I loved Gwen Stefani in the No Doubt days at the beginning when she would wear a sports bra.

Tony:  I remember you talking about her doing push-ups on the stage.

Alex:  I remember thinking it was the coolest stuff in the world.  And I remember watching Janis Joplin on some thing on TV and my mom being like, “See…that’s why she’s great because you can tell she means it."  So I think I’ve learned a lot.  And when younger girls talk to me, that’s one thing I like to get across is that YOU define how you feel about your appearance.  And if I want to dress up I do, when I feel like it.  But I live in a van (laughs).  So the way I act and the way I dress is going to affect that.  But I still have the ability to feel pretty.

Tony:  Are you talking about your Lush?  That’s your escape…

Alex:  Yeah.  I told her about my expensive stuff.

Popcosmo:  Lush?  I LOVE Lush!

Tony:  When Alex joined the band, we made sure to…we said, “Listen to The Breeders, listen to The Stellars…just like, front women who weren’t, like, front women.  Women who were just part of the band and didn’t take sh*t from nobody.  Alex is a sweet girl so she can’t be like that all the time.  But she has her moments.  Like in Seattle, you get the “show us your (boobs)” thing a lot as a girl in a band.

Alex: And that’s what I am saying.  That there’s still this sexist thing…

Tony:  We’ve even heard, “Show us your (lady parts).”  And that’s not even, like…  I mean…how would one present that.

Alex:  And this was after we had been playing a while and you would think that it would…  But I’m trying to turn it into a positive thing.  I have a blog and I blog a lot about just being on the road and things that come up like that.  And even some of our fans have been…well, they don’t know that I read everything and even though I know they love our music, sometimes they will be like, “I don’t like what Alex is wearing” and it’s so bizarre to be commented on like that.  So the blog is my way to be like, “Hey…this is how I feel about that.”

Popcosmo:  What is your blog website?

Alex:  http://kandelrambles.tumblr.com/

As we are chatting, Alex starts rifling through her bag and pulls out her Lush Shampoo for me to smell…

Alex:  This is my go-to shampoo.  It’s all coconut and conditioning and so nice.  These are my essentials.  I have about 5 Lush things with me right now but I have a whole box that I take with me if we’re on tour for a long time.

There is much discussion about Lush bubble bars and using 3-4 at a time when she is home.  Then there is more smelling of the products and gushing and discussing of the favorites.  When it’s time to go, Alex throws on her sunglasses and poses for a picture.  Then she offers some gum that they got as part of their tour swag.  She digs through the big box gum and hands me one.  I look down in my hand and the packet of gum that stares back at me reads, “I Love You.”  We love you too, Alex Kandel and Sleeper/Agent!

Music Festivals - the essentials you'll need


With Coachella behind us and Bonnaroo coming up fast, music festivals are in full swing.  When we visited The Hangout Festival in Gulf Shores this past weekend, we found that certain things are, well, essential. Of course you need your jean shorts, but after the obvious, we put together this handy guide of our 13 must-haves to keep you looking and feeling your best, even in the heat and crowds of music festivals.  1. Deodorant - When thousands of peeps are putting their hands in the air, things are bound to get stinky.  This is the time to go clinical strength and apply liberally in the morning to stay fresh through nightime!

music festival essentials: hair ties

2. Something to pull your hair back - These Marc Jacobs elastics are cute enough to wear as bracelets and add interest to a plain pony or messy bun. And if your hair is short, or long and you want to look cool and keep it off your face, a bandana always is in style.

outdoor music festivals

3. Sunscreen - Apply BEFORE going out for the day and reapply every hour or so.  A couple of cute local guys we talked to swear by Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Spray. And we know your mom told you to apply sunscreen to your face because you don't want wrinkles when you are older.  She's right. Apply. Reapply. And reapply. We love Aveeno Smart Essentials Daily Nourishing Moisturizer for our face because it is so lightweight and has 30 SPF.

4. Some Like it Hot Shampoo/Conditioner - If your hair frizzes in the humidity the first day but you don’t want to be tied down to a ponytail, braid, or bandana all weekend, pick up this shampoo and conditioner by TIGI and go long and loose all day.

music festival essential

5. Refillable Water Bottle - Festivals want you to buy their food and water so bringing in your own is a no-go.  With bottled water costing at least $3 a bottle, this can very quickly eat into your cool festival t-shirt fund.  Thankfully, there are usually water stations throughout where you can snag a quick refill.  The ideal situation, of course, would be to have a boy with a CamelBack full of water that you can leach off of.  But just in case you are running low on boys, water bottles from Sigg will do just fine, thank you.

6. Flip-flops - Your feet need to be cool and comfy but your shoes are probably going to get trashed.  Cheap doesn’t mean you can’t be chic.  Planet Flops and Cooei are classic styles, comfy and squishy… and all around great flip-flops.  And they’re easy to kick off, rinse, and put in your bag if you want to slip them off and go barefoot in the sand/grass.

outdoor music festivals

7. Lip Balm Sunscreen - Lips need sun protection, too but there’s no reason you can’t have a little glamour.  MAC Hey Sailor! SunTints Liquid Lip Balm has the triple threat…color, shine and SPF.  And everyone will be so jelly when you pull out the cute striped tube. And it's limited edition, meaning get it now 'cause it will be gone soon and gone forever.

music festivals what to bring

8. Band aids - Boo-boos and blisters happen…and life’s too short to use plain Band-Aids.

9. Hand sanitizer/Travel Size Antibacterial Baby Wipes - Two words…Porta Potty.  Need I say more?  Grab a few from Bath & Body Works and hook them to your bag for squeaky-clean hands.  Baby wipes are great to use after applying sunscreen and before eating.

essentials for music festivals

10. Solar Phone Charger - Sure, there are charging stations…but the lines can get a tad ridiculous.  And if you’re standing around while your phone is charging, you’re missing out!  Amazon.com has a nice variety of solar chargers for many different phones.  AND as an added bonus, they’re eco-friendly!

music festival guide

11. Face Wash - Dancing, sweating, dancing. All. Day. All. Night. If you want your skin to stay clear, then wash up morning and night. And we suggest a gentle wash because the last thing your skin wants is to be irritated. We recommend Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash in a bar or pump for travel.

clean & clear oil absorbing sheets

12. Oil Absorbing Sheets - since you know you will be documenting those moves for Facebook and Instagram.. and Tumblr.. and... well everywhere, you need to make sure your skin is looking great throughout the day. Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets help your skin keep their healthy glow but help absorb excess oil. Now you are paparazzi ready!

bag for music festival

13. Finally, because you need somewhere to store everything: a comfy, large cross body bag! It needs to big enough for a towel, cover-up, water bottle…EVERYONE seemed to have some variation of this cross-body bag from Target…including ME!  I found it to be just the right size without weighing me down. 

And that's what you'll need to be as prepared as I was for the Hangout Music Festival - you'll be prepared anywhere and everywhere this summer! Have fun, be safe, and enjoy!  ~LISA, Music Editor

Best Graduation Songs

graduation songs

Graduation is around the corner and so we needed a playlist of the best graduation songs, because a great playlist makes life better for just about everything.

graduation playlist

Anticipation is in the air. There's an excitement that summer is within our grasp. But there's also a sense of transition. It's graduation time and many of us or our friends are moving on to bigger and better things. To deal with the mixed bag of emotions, we created a playlist of the best graduation songs that speaks to friendship, nostalgia and moving on to whatever life has in store. Dry your eyes, hug your friends and give a listen. It's not goodbye...it's I'll see ya later!

Jordin Sparks- One Step at a Time Nothing like inspiration and a great pair of heels...

Skillet- Say Goodbye A tearjerker. For sure.

All-American Rejects- The Last Song "As I leave, will you be the someone to say goodbye As I leave will you be someone to wipe your eye My foot is out the door and you can't stop me now." Good grief. Will someone pass the hankies?

More of our best graduation songs for inspiration and friendship...

Vitamin C-Graduation Song Rod Stewart-Forever Young Taylor Swift- Never Grow Up Jimmy Eat World- The Middle Green Day- Good Riddance Kimya Dawson- Tree Hugger Eve 6- Here's to the Night The Nixons- Sister Cracker- Friends Beatles- In My Life Sarah McLachlan- I Will Remember You Tim McGraw- My Old Friend Chris Isack- Graduation Day The Velvet Underground- She's My Best Friend Drivin' N Cryin'-The Friend Song The Weepies- Can't Go Back Now Nada Surf- When I Was Young Israel Kamakawiwo'ole- Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World Lynard Skynard- Freebird Coldplay- Yellow Alphaville- Young Forever (check out the Jay-Z remix too!)

UPDATE: We've added to our list with a new post and instant playlist of our favorite NEW graduation songs and some that weren't included on this list! Just click the link  :lol:

Camryn - Touring with One Direction!


Who's the luckiest 12 year old girl in the world? Yeah, it's probably Camryn! In fact, she may just be THE luckiest girl in the world since she'll be opening for One Direction! She may be young, but she's already toured with Greyson Chance, AllStar Weekend, and Cody Simpson, and she just found out she'll be touring with... 1D. Camryn will be opening for One Direction at the following shows: May 22 — Mohegan Sun Arena, Uncasville, CT May 24 — Patriot Center, Fairfax, VA May 25 — Izod Center, East Rutherford, NJ June 8 — Viejas Arena, San Diego, CA June 9 — Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas, NV June 10 — Comerica Theater, Phoenix, AZ

Not only is she lucky, but turns out, she's a super-nice girl and down-to-earth. We chatted with her on Twitter (be sure to follow her @camrynrocks) and she's just as excited as about the One Direction Tour as we are! We also caught up with her by email to find out the inside scoop, and we've got her latest video posted below, check it all out!

Camryn One Direction

When did you first realize that singing was a gift and talent you should pursue? I have always had a passion for singing, ever since I was about three years old. But I really didn’t know that it was what I wanted to do until I was 7 and entered my first talent show. I loved being on stage even though I was completely terrified!

Who are your influences? Music-wise, I have several and they are Demi Lovato, Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, Lady Gaga, and Beyonce. They have such amazing voices, ranges, and aren’t afraid to be who they are.

Do you play any instruments? Well, I started to play guitar, but I didn’t really like it as much. I’m learning how to play drums and so far I love it!

Tell us about being on tour? How long did you tour with Cody Simpson and Greyson ChanceWe toured for about two months and it was my first tour!! I was so excited and everybody was so nice and welcoming, so it made it easy for me to adjust to that new life style.

Is touring as much fun as it seems like it would be, and anything backstage that we wouldn't know about? Touring has its fun times and its really hard times. But I love to tour – it’s so much fun, that at the end of the day the bad things don’t really seem all that bad. After tour, I did talk to Cody and Greyson a little bit, but it’s hard with work and traveling. Our schedules are really different, so its hard to keep in touch. We did hang out any time that we could. But again, it was hard with all of the traveling. Greyson really likes silly string, so he would always spray everybody at the most random times. Cody is very shy, but as soon as he hits that stage he comes alive.

Do your parents or siblings go on tour with you? They come when they can, but if I’m not gone for too long then they don’t come. If they don’t come, I normally see them on weekends.

You tour a lot… are you able to go to school or do you have a tutor? I’m home-schooled, but I go to a school as well. So if I’m on tour, my teacher can come with me, but if I’m at home I can go to school with a few other kids who do the same thing.

What is the best concert you’ve performed and why? What makes a great night? My best shows were out in Asia because I had so much more experience and I used that to its fullest. What makes a great show is having a wild crowd, a ton of energy, and to push yourself to the limit. But the most important thing is to have fun with what your doing!

When did you find out about the 1D concert? And your reaction? I found out yesterday!! I was so shocked and excited!! I didn’t know how to control myself I was so excited! Honestly, I am a big fan of One Direction. I think their music is really good.

We hate to ask, but have to: do you have a favorite One Direction band member? Yes, but I have two tied for number 1 in 1D -- Harry Styles and Zayn Malik!

How many times have you seen 1D in concert? Any scoop about their shows? I have seen them once before and their concert was amazing! I don’t want to give anything away so you will just have to find out for yourself! But what I can tell you is that it’s going to be a great show.

Who is your dream duet with? I’m not sure I have so many artists that I would love to collaborate with, it’s hard to choose just one.

How come you always get to tour with guys?! Any girls you would like to tour with? I’m not sure why!! That’s a great question! I would love to tour with any of my idols.

Camryn's latest single is "Set the Night on Fire" and we are sure she will she will just do that while she's on tour. Take a listen, and let us know what you think.

Camryn's new album is in the works, but in the meantime, catch her on tour with One Direction. And, Camryn, thank you SO much for taking time out of your incredibly busy schedule to chat with us. It's been wonderful hearing about your glam life and tours, and we wish you the best of luck. Have a blast and send us some pictures, we can't wait to see some from behind the scenes!!

xoxo, PopCosmo


Teen Music Apps - or how to find cool music


Teen music apps to get your summer grooving.... With summer fast approaching, bikinis ready, and your spring break playlist getting loads of play, it's a good bet that even more of your time will be spent rocking out with your headphones on and earbuds in looking for brand new tunes. ? Thats why we at Popcosmo decided to take a closer look at and listen to some teen music apps and radio apps that are available to you. teen music apps

The first set of teen music apps are more focused on sharing and discovering music. I reviewed Herd.fm, Soundhound and Shazam: Herd.fm recommends songs based on what you listen to on iTunes and what you've shared on Facebook...kind of like a creeper, but far more useful. You can also send songs and playlists to friends. ? Curiously, I share a lot of songs on Facebook but only 1 recent share was on my list. And it wasn't a song I had shared. And the app kept force-closing. But it is a fairly new app so the kinks are probably still being worked out. My favorite thing about this app is the recommendations feature since I love to "discover" new music.

Soundhound boasts "the world's fastest music recognition," identifying songs played, sung or even hummed in as little as 4 seconds. My feeble attempts at humming and whistling were completely unsuccessful.  Humming "Somebody That I Used to Know" resulted in "Can You Feel the Love Tonight." However, when playing the actual song, it was correct and even pulls up lyrics, videos, artist's page and recent tweets where the song is mentioned. Under the "What's Hot" tab it shows the most tweeted songs for the week as well as the Most Underplayed...songs that are getting more Soundhound play than radio play. This feature would come in handy for hipsters who want to be obscure...but not too obscure.

Shazam is another teen music app that features song recognition but it doesn't seem to be as accurate as Soundhound...especially with less well-known bands/songs. And there's a 5 song per month limit, but it's very easy to use. ? It has essentially the same features as Soundhound (except the humming) so it really just depends on which format you prefer. One word of advice: quit talking while Soundhound or Shazam is working!  Oh, and get as close to the source as possible... both work pretty well when you do.

As far as streaming music goes, I tested PandoraSpotify and Rdio: A few years ago, I discovered Grooveshark and installed it for my desktop. It was completely free and I could make playlists. Soon, it became available for mobile for $3.99 a month...a paltry amount, I thought, to have my playlists available on my phone at any time. Alas, it was short-lived and while I can still enjoy my beloved playlists from the computer, the stingy music-gods discontinued the app.  I discovered that Spotify and Rdio are comparable to Grooveshark but carry a $9.99 a month price tag.

Spotify ? definitely has a bigger music catalog and is (in my humble opinion) more user-friendly...but this was based solely on my free trial. Because I am stubborn, and perhaps out of loyalty to my precious Grooveshark, I refuse to pay $120 a year for either app. Which led me to do something I had refused to do for quite some time...surrender to Pandora.

I'll be honest...I wanted no part of Pandora at first. I want to hear what I want to hear when I want to hear it. Pandora allows users to create playlists based on a song or artist. It then chooses songs that sound like/have similar features as the song or artist. Users have the option to "thumbs up" the songs they like or "thumbs down" the songs they don't. You can skip up to 10 tracks an hour per playlist. Once I created my playlists and had my favorites "thumb-upped," I found that Pandora does a pretty good job of serving my musical needs...save for a random, often hilarious, song choice every now and then. The best part? It's FREE! I do take advantage of the ad-free version which is $3.99 a month. And I do enjoy discovering new music based on what I already like.

So hopefully we at Popcosmo have sufficiently prepared you to explore ways to discover, share and stream music. We would love to hear which of these are your favorites or hear about other awesome teen music apps or other music apps that you use!