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Summer Sunnies: how to choose glasses


How to choose glasses is exhausting - find a style, try it on, get opinions, try another; repeat; repeat; repeat. Isn't there an easier way? Chloe's been on the hunt for summer sunnies and we decided there has to be an easier way to find them! We realized with this tip sheet, how to choose glasses isn't that hard! In fact, it's simple once you figure out the shape of your face. Pull your hair back into a ponytail or just pull it back in a headband. You want to determine the shape of your face and decide whether or not your face is oval, round, heart, or square. It's sometimes hard to determine your own face shape, so have someone look at you and help, or take a picture looking straight into a camera and outline in pen.

Once you have the shape of your face, use these guidelines to select a pair of glasses that will flatter your face shape, keeping in mind that the goal is to balance the structure of your face.

Oval - Lucky you can select almost any shape glasses.

Round - Choose angular and geometric shapes to add some angles to your face. Rectangular and horizontal frames are appealing, as well as upswept frames.

Heart - Bottom heavy glasses draw the eye downward, and narrow or round frames might be charming.

Square - Oval and round shapes soften your face to put your most sunny face forward.

That's it! How to choose glasses is no longer a pain in the behind... it's actually fun to try on a bunch of glasses that look fantastic! Summer sunnies, here Chloe comes :)

How to choose glasses



Oval / Round / Heart / Square