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fall 2018 trendspotting

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Let’s talk trend spotting. This whole summer I’ve been working in a retail store surrounded by high end fashion. It’s so inspiring getting to help people find styles and trends that they really love. But, let me tell you a secret, it’s even more fun getting to find these things for myself (selfish? maybe a little. fun? heck yeah). So anyways, two trends that I’ve noticed that are going to be huge this fall are wide leg pants and anything in the color mustard. I was shopping for these two items myself but I decided to share some of my favorite finds with you guys to balance out my selfish comment above.





And that's all I've got for ya now. But, I'd love to know, what trends are you loving lately? Keep me cool, share your thoughts in the comments. 

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live and learn

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I’ve been thinking about the future a lot. It’s been driving my friends nuts, but I just can’t seem to stop thinking about where I’ll be in a year from now, three years from now, five years from now, etc. Even though I’ve been talking about it a lot, the future isn’t something I fear, in fact, it’s something that I let motivate and excite me. I’m super thankful that my brain is wired this way, because as my friends and I gear up for our senior year, it seems as though the future is more to be feared than it is something to look forward to for most of my peers. And I was thinking… why is that? 

Why do we fear change? Why do we fear the unknown? Why do we fear anything, really? 

I obviously don’t have the answers to these questions, because if I did I’d have some wildly successful multibillion dollar book deal. But I do have this little ‘ole blog to ramble on and on about what I think the answers are. So here are my thoughts about these questions. 

We are too comfortable. We all probably feared college, at least a little bit, in our own ways. I know, at least, was worried about my roommate, the meals, how hard my classes would be, etc. But you know what? You live and you learn, as cliche as it sounds. If you fear the future, you are too comfortable. Push yourself, you should be excited for what’s to come and what’s to be. There are so many things just waiting on the horizon of your comfort zone, so step outside of it. There is no reason to fear the future, let it excite you and motivate you. 

Live and learn, today, tomorrow, and five years from now. 

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zach. chapter 2.

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read chapter one first or else none of this is going to make sense. 

don’t say I didn’t warn ya. 

Ok, chapter two, here we go…


“So I do look like my photos, heck ya!” I was thinking, but didn’t say because I was panicked and nervous and sweating and probably super red. To be honest, I can’t remember what I said at all, but it was probably something stupid and mumbly. But we met. It happened. I most likely said hello and introduced myself and he probably did the same. 

So after we talked about who knows what for who knows how long, I realized we were standing right in front of a speaker that Hellen Keller herself could probably hear (sorry if that was an insensitive joke, but I need you to realize how loud this speaker was). Like I said, I don’t remember what we said or talked about during this first few minutes of analyzing whether this boy was a murderer or not, but I do remember screaming “WHAT” and “SORRY, WHAT DID YOU SAY?????” every two words. 

Then, because he’s smart and nice, he offered to buy me a drink. I pounced on this offer for three reasons: one, I was nervous, two, we’d finally actually be able to have a conversation without saying “what” after every two words, and three, I finally decided that this boy was most likely not a murderer. 

“What do you want to drink,” he asked, seemingly not nervous at all. 

“Shoot, shoot, shoot, why can I never think of a mixed drink besides a vodka cran. Those are so basic. What should I get? Hmm, think, think.” I internalized. Then I realized what I should order, “Orange juice and tequila please,” I answered pretending like he didn’t just ask me the hardest question of the century. After picking that drink I wondered how that became my drink of choice. But it did, and I was committed to it. 

After we got our drinks we found a booth hidden away from the crowd so we could actually hear and get to know each other. Again, I can’t remember specifically what we talked about, but I do remember that the conversation was so easy. I felt like I had known him forever, and I’m pretty sure we talked about religion, God, cancer, and politics, all without it being weird at all — a true testament to our compatibility (kidding, but also not really). 

What feels like ten minutes later, I looked down at my phone and realized that there were ten minutes left until the bar closes. We had been sitting and talking for at least two hours and it only felt like ten minutes. How does that happen with a still non-confirmed non-murderer? It usually doesn't, but it did. 

At this point, I was convinced my friends had left me because I hadn't seem them in quite literally two hours so I went on a mission to find them. They obviously didn’t leave me and when I reconnected they had already made a plan to go to Taco Bell, and if you know me, I quite literally never turn down Taco Bell so I asked Zach (oh, by the way, his name is Zach) if he wanted to come with us. He said yes, and off we went. 

And the rest is history. Hah, kidding.


stay tuned for chapter three.