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Best Workout Playlist Ever

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I saw a tweet the other day that said something along the lines of, “High school summers: do whatever TF you want. College summers: separation anxiety, attempt to make money, and try to lose weight.” 

I honestly don’t think I could connect to words more strongly. We’re talking a spiritual connection. A connection stronger than my weekly horoscope on Cosmo’s snap story. A connection stronger than one to my own pet cat. So you get it? A strong connection.

This summer especially, I’m missing my friends more than ever. I have a job at Anthropologie that I love, but also am struggling to save money from (because I want to buy everything), and I’m trying super hard to get rid of the sophomore 16 — it’s a real thing, I swear. 

But, this morning I didn’t have to work so I was scrolling through the internet (just millennial things) and I came across this playlist by Refinery29 called “Best Workout Songs Spring 2017,” and it looks amazing! One of my least favorite things when working out is having to constantly skip songs or find new songs to listen to, but this playlist honest to goodness looks flawless. 

We’ve got some G-Eazy, some Blackbear, some Kendrick Lamar, and some Akon. So I think we can all agree so skipping will be necessary. Give it a listen and let me know what you think. 

What do you listen to when you workout?
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Summer Reading

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My parents moved across the country during my freshman year of college. I was super pumped that they moved because it meant that I could go to Florida during all my school breaks, but even though my family has moved a ton in the past, this has been the hardest move. I think going from constant social interaction to just knowing my mom, dad, and brother is a little weird. It’s like if you go from eating chocolate cake every night after dinner to just having fruit for dessert. Not terrible, but a drastic change, ya feel?

Every time I come home for more than a week I’m bored outta my mind. I don't have any friends here (AT ALL) so I live that fictional friendship life (i.e. books and movies and TV shows).  I’ve been looking for a list of good books and can’t really find one so I decided to make a list in case anyone else is looking for some good summer reads. 

These are some of my all time favorite books, and if you have any recommendations for books I should read, feel free to leave them in the comments! 

The Impossible Fortress
Orphan Train
American Wife
The Selection
The Glass Castle

And these are the ones on my radar that I want to read soon: 

Men Without Women
The Swans of Fifth Avenue
The Rules Do Not Apply
The Mothers
The Girls
The Nest
Difficult Women
Sorry To Disrupt The Peace
The Thousandth Floor
Modern Lovers

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Be Adventurous

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What was your New Years resolution this past year?

Mine was to be more adventurous. To do more things that make me second guess. To do more things that push me outside my comfy little circle of safety. I want to be more spontaneous. To not make goals for tomorrow, but instead make accomplishments for today


I want to get out there and do things. 

And you know what? This past weekend I did just that. I have lived in Colorado for about three years and have so many things that I want to do here. I have a little bucket list for Colorado itself and hope to accomplish just half of it during my time during college.

I have always seen photos of the Sand Dunes and I have always wanted to go, but it’s kind of far, out of the way, and inconvenient to get to. 


This past weekend I stopped saying I want to go to the Sand Dunes and actually made it there. 

It was seriously one of the most amazing experiences. Two friends and I woke up at 4 in the morning and made it to the dunes. We spent a few hours just taking in the beauty and feeling alive. We all had things (aka homework) we needed to get done but getting out of our little college bubble and experiencing life made me realize how sometimes homework can be forgotten (like really really forgotten) and life can be enjoyed. 


We were out in the sun and sand for a few hours and we were all a little nervous of getting sun burnt so we made sure to pack my Hawaiian Tropic® Silk Hydration™ Weightless Face Lotion  so that we’d all stay hydrated and protected. Seriously, if you’re in the market for a new sunscreen you have try Hawaiian Tropic® Silk Hydration™ Weightless Face Lotion . It literally has Shea Butter in the formula so it leaves you feeling hydrated and pampered — and we all know other sunscreens leave you feeling the opposite. You can find it in mass grocery and drug retailers and also online! 


So next time you feel like you’re in a slump of responsibilities and repetitiveness get out there and do something. I know for a fact that you all have something that you’ve been dying to do — whether it be something as small as trying a new restaurant or exploring your state — GO FOR IT. 

I’m sharing Hawaiian Tropic in my life as part of a sponsored series for Socialstars™
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