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Post-Grad Schedule

Chloe Gordon

Post grad life is a weird life, let me tell you. I keep seeing these memes about “post life depression,” and while I don’t have it that extreme, I definitely miss college. Real life has set it. This is the first time I’ve worn a sweater and not been in school. Weird, super weird. But it’s fine. I’m currently trying to embrace this post-grad culture. My mom said I should write a post about what I do. She said that a lot of people probably wonder what an unemployed, recently graduated, gal on the go does. 

But, the thing is, I don’t do that much. I’d do weekly reviews of my days, but I do the same thing. Every. Single Day. Do I hate it? No. Do I love it? Love is a strong word. But a day in the life of me consists of waking up (duh), feeding my grandfather’s dog then walking him for four miles, then I do the elliptical for 30 minutes. If I’m feeling fun, I’ll do like six sit-ups, but that rarely happens. I then make my way upstairs and create a beautiful green smoothing and piece of toast. I typically then shower and scroll through my phone. Not at the same time, but one after the other, obviously. 

Then, this is where it gets interesting. Usually, at this point in my day, I’ll get dressed and head to a coffee shop. Why, you ask? So I can have human interaction. I typically spend three to four hours in the coffee shop applying for jobs, reading blogs, scrolling around the internet before I start to get hungry. I then head back to my grandfather’s house, “make” lunch (it’s rally turkey slices and chips + salsa) and then mess around until he gets home from work or errands, depending on the day. We then eat dinner together. 

It’s a wild wild life my friends. So, hopefully, when I one day have a job, I can look back on these days and think about them fondly. In fact, I know I will. As much as it might sound like I dislike it, I truly appreciate it. I needed this break. I needed to hit the pause button and just be. Just be alone, and unsure, and uncomfortable. I think it’s good for me that I don’t know what’s next. I need this. I like this. 

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Internal Age

Chloe Gordon

The other day I asked my grandpa what age he thought he was on the inside, and he got a kick out of the question. The thing is though, I didn’t ask as a joke. I genuinely think we all have an age that our soul is. Am I crazy? Probably. But if you think about it, there’s no way you feel your age. I mean I don’t. I don’t feel 23 at all. Some days I feel like I’m 12, some days I feel like I’m 87, and some days I get a little peek at what feeling 23 should feel like.

My grandpa is about to turn 81 but you’d never know it. He’s probably the most tech-savvy, trendy, live on the wild side 80-year old I’ve ever met. I mean he wears HOKAs for crying out loud. He knows how to take a screenshot on his iPhone. I told him what Sake Bombs are and he was so into the idea of doing them with my cousin and me. He’s cool, ok?

I wonder why we all feel different ages than the age we are. I have a theory that it’s based on how we like to live life. Do you want a fast, action-packed, lifestyle? Or do you want the slow and steady love every moment, including the bad one's kind of life?

I’ve always been into calligraphy. I’d rather talk about the books I recently read than those who kissed who at that party the other night. I really in truly like just sitting around the table talking with my friends about life and goals and stories we’ve lived.

So I asked my mom what age she thought I was on the inside, because, obviously, she knows me better than I know myself. At first, she said, “well your dad is definitely 19 on the inside.” Which makes sense, because he’d much rather be drinking a Natty Lite with his college pals at a lax game than discussing the stock market. But when she thought about me she said, “Oh honey, you haven’t reached your internal age yet. And you won’t reach it for a long long time.”

“Because it’s in my 80’s,” I half-jokingly said back.

“Correct,” she responded with a chuckle.

What's New?

Chloe Gordon

I read on one of my favorite Influencer's Instagram that she misses old school blogs. She misses the vulnerability and the storytelling and the realness that comes with blogs. She dislikes how repetitive and dull Instagram is becoming. She said that she just scrolls and scrolls and doesn’t gain anything from it. And you know what? I agree.

People’s captions are boring, their lives aren’t as perfect as they look, and it’s just the same thing over and over again. Yeah, I’m guilty as charged, too. My life looks pretty great and fun on Instagram. And while I still think I’m having a great and fun time, I don’t post about anything too negative. I’m not saying we should all have a blog and talk about everything terrible in our lives, but I do think that we could make our Instagram’s a little more interesting and real. I try, I really do. But I also have this blog where I get real.

So I guess I’ll update you on what’s up with me right now. I’m living in Alabama with my grandfather and his dog. My grandmother passed away a few weeks ago so it’s been so nice to spend time with my grandpa and other family that lives here. I think I really truly needed this time to re-center after college. I just needed a break to breathe and just be. Plus, his dog is my new best friend so that’s great. Zach and I broke up. I’m not going to tell the story because half of it is his story to tell and I don’t want to take that away from him. I’m job searching diligently. Job searching has, in fact, become my full-time job. I’ve been interviewing but so far I’m not sure what’s going to happen. It could be this one thing, it could be this other thing, or it could be nothing at all. Stay tuned. Hopefully, that chapter will start soon, but I’m not trying to rush into anything at this point in my life.

Honestly, despite being unemployed, I’m happy. I didn’t realize how much I needed this break, but it’s been very very refreshing. I challenge you to think about what you’re posting everywhere. Whether it’s on your Instagram or your blog or whatever, just think about whether or not it’s meaningful or holds purpose. Does it bring you joy? Who cares if it brings other’s joy, but think, really think, if it brings you joy or not to see it on your feed or on your blog.

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