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Earphones Review: An earful of choices


If you are like us, earphones are a daily necessity. There are so many great options available for working out, hanging out, and studying; but we wanted only the best in sound, style, and functionality. ? After our earphones review, here are three of our favorites:










It seemed like the tangled-up mess of earphone wires was just something we were going to have to live with, but we found a fun solution! ? Zipbuds are the original zip-up, tangle-free earphones with top quality sound. ? And they just launched a new and improved line of fashion-forward products.

Zipbuds told us that "the 2nd Generation (G2) Zipbuds feature premium 11mm drivers, a lighter zipper pull and redesigned aluminum ear buds, resulting in an enhanced overall listening experience for fashion conscious music lovers, and gamers." ? Um, right... but what does this mean? ? For us it meant the "vertebrae" zipper design is feather-light (no pull on the headphones) and there's? no more tangled mess coming out of our pocket or purse, plus it sounds great. There are plenty of color options and they come with a sweat resistant Sport Ear Clip to keep them still while exercising. ? ? Zipbuds earphones, $39.99, buy at Zipbuds

Who knew we'd have a hoodie in our earphones review! We love fashionable jackets to warm up chilly days and we love our music, so when we found HoodieBuddie, we knew we’d be BFFs right away.? The hoodies have earphones built into… wait for it… the hoods’ laces!? Just put your mp3 player or phone in your pocket, use the built in plug and listen with the super-secret wires that bring sound out of the laces. ? HoodieBuddies are available in a rainbow of colors, and we even like the plaid mens' styles. ? Oh, and if you ever spill a little chocolate ice cream on your hoodie… just throw it in the wash. Yep, earphone laces and all. Chic and easy! ? HoodieBuddie, $42, buy at HoodieBuddie

Choices, choices, choices. ? UrbanEars packs a crayola box full of choices! ? Not only can you choose a color, you can choose a style. From classic full-size to small, they are all practical and provide great sound by blocking exterior noises. ? The smallest size (Bagis, which fits in your ear) even has earphones that clip together so they can hang on your neck when your not listening. UrbanEars is all about giving you as many options for headphones as you have favorite songs. Urban Ears, $35 and up, buy at UrbanEars