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Winter Outfit

FASHIONKim & Chloe

There is currently a blizzard happening outside my window, and I’m feeling very lucky to be snuggled up on my bed watching old movies on Netflix. In fact, I don’t think I’ve been more content this year. Sometimes it’s nice to just take a break from the outside world and shut everything and everyone out. I’m not saying that I don’t love to hangout with my friends on the weekends, because I totally do, it’s just that sometimes, my bed and my computer are the only company that I need. Anyways, I decided to share a casual little winter outfit of the day. I find myself wearing this outfit, or versions of this outfit, very often because it’s so cozy, cute, and easy. I was on the hunt for a winter floppy hat for the longest time. I’m talking months and months of searching, and I finally found it at Urban Outfitters of all places. I think it’s such a nice addition to any outfit and it makes me feel like I could easily be Mary Kate and Ashley’s triplet, minus the brown hair thing of course.






sweater | boots | leggings | hat (similar)

What’s your go to winter outfit? Thanks for reading! xox Chloe


FASHIONKim & Chloe

This might come as a surprise, but I’m super frugal. However, I absolutely love to spend money. It’s just that I love spending money on things that I know I'll love. Frugal, picky, stubborn. Call it what you want, but I have money in my bank account and cute clothes, so I’m winning in my book. toms A few days ago, my mom and I (side note, my mom is my all time favorite shopping partner in case you were curious) were browsing the shoe section in Nordstrom's. We first glanced at all the fancy designer shoes and then made our way over to the other shoes. The shoes that I can actually afford. As I was looking, I noticed a pair of absolutely adorable high top sneakers. I don’t know what it is about high top kicks, but I’ve been absolutely diggin’ them lately. Upon further inspection, I realized that they were Toms. Who knew that TOMS started making different styles? ‘Cause I sure didn’t. I absolutely loved TOMS when I was in middle school, and I love the fact that they give one when you get one. It’s such a cool concept and I feel like my money is going somewhere important and actually helping people. I was dead set on buying them, but when I asked to try them on they didn’t have my size. I was bummed out, but figured it was just a sign that I didn’t need them.

Well, I was completely wrong. It's a few days later, and I’m still thinking about them. Actually, I’m dreaming about them. This pair of shoes actually showed up in my dreams. I need them. I want them. I have to have them in my life. They are too perfect and too cool. I’m pretty sure I’m going to buy them today, so fingers super-crossed that I go through with it.

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 7.31.34 AM

Click here to see these TOMS for your self. 

Are there any shoes that you’ve had your eye on lately? What are your thoughts on high top sneaks?

Thanks for reading! xox Chloe

Galentines Day

FASHIONKim & Chloe

I've never had a Valentine, but I'm sure if I did I'd spend my day being spoiled with chocolate, roses in every color, and maybe a new piece of jewelry. It would be a day all about me, all about love, and all about, wait, did I already say "me?"I like to think that the reason I've never had a Valentine is because boys are intimidated by me and my good looks, but I think it's probably due to the fact that every time I get close to an attractive boy my brain fails me. I stutter, I blush, I get sweaty arm pits, and so on and so forth. I just don't have the ability to be smooth around attractive boys. It's my only* fault in life. *sarcasm

With Valentines Day right around the corner, yet a lack of an actual Valentine, I decided to host a little Galentines party (based on my favorite TV show, Parks and Recreation) with a few of my friends. We decided to make Valentines Day cards for our non-existant boyfriends, eat food (aka Costco cookies and Goldfish), and laugh at our inability to make eye contact with cute boys. Overall, it was a successful day and we had a lot of fun. If you don’t have a Valentines date, or even if you do, I highly suggest getting together with a bunch of girl friends and having a craft party. A little creativity is always fun and makes for good memories! I decided that I'd compile a list of a few cute Galentines Day crafts so that you can jumpstart your party hosting... you're welcome in advance. DIY heart pillow. Perfect for dreaming about holding a conversation with a cute boy. DIY watercolor heart cookies. Because food is a perfectly fine substation for a boyfriend. Food>Boys DIY Piñata love gram.  A great craft to make with a group of friends!

Here are a few pictures from our little party:

_DSC0012-2 edit3 edit2 edit _DSC0006-2 edit1 _DSC0021

I hope you have a LOVEly Valentines day, especially if no boys are involved ;) xox Chloe

Look Hot, Get Sweaty

FASHIONKim & Chloe

I don’t know about you, but in order for me to have a successful workout, I have to look good. I’m not talking about putting on pounds of makeup before I run, I’m talking about wearing cute workout clothes. What I wear when I go to the gym or park for a workout can totally make or break my day. Lately I’ve been eyeing a few new goodies so I decided to share them with you all! My new workout motto is look got, get sweaty. Here’s a little inspiration board to inspire you to look hot while gettin’ sweaty.

healthyinspo ruffle bra | headband | sweater | lululemon gear | athleta | sweaty betty leggings

Some of my favorite workout stores include Lucy, Lululemon, and Free People. Let me know where you purchase your workout clothes, I’m clearly in the market! Look hot, get sweaty, remember that!

xox Chloe

Cleaning Closets

FASHIONKim & Chloe
How to Clean your Closets

It's that time of year: the time for New Year's resolutions. I may not have come up with my life-altering, earth-shattering new resolution yet, but I have begun my annual week of cleaning closets. Some people may enjoy a good spring cleaning, but starting out the New Year with clothes I actually wear makes me feel like I'm starting the year off right.

cleaning closets via Harper's Bazaar

Now that I've been through all our closets, I need to make a decision of what to do with all these clothes that are piled up all over the house. Before my husband fusses, and before any of us start digging into the piles of discarded clothes (old habits die hard... I don't really need 3 oversized sweaters when 1 will do!)

Since I'm in a new town, I'm might "test" how well my clothes do in consignment shops by giving each a similar sweater and seeing how long it takes for it to sell, what percentage I receive, and how I'm paid. Perhaps I'll find a favorite consignment shop and most of my newer, less-worn wardrobe will be donated there each season.

how to donate clothes

via Harper's Bazaar

But there are also some alternatives I'm considering:

1. Take any pair of old jeans to Madewell, and receive 20% off a new jeans purchase. Note: some sites say this program expired in 2014, so check with your local store... it seems like they may continue the program!

2. J.Crew also has a denim drive: you bring in old jeans (they don't have to be J.Crew brand) through 1/31, and you'll receive 20% off a new pair.

3. Sell my good condition clothes by the bagful on ThredUp or LikeTwice.

4. Donate clothes to Nordstrom and feel good about the charity that receives the benefit of the sale of clothing on their website.

5. Donate to Goodwill, the Salvation Army, or Dress for Success.

6. Host a clothing swap. One woman's old clothes are someone else's treasure!

Lots of ideas to for lots of clothes! Of course, Craigslist and eBay are always options, but with so many easy alternatives, I think I may be getting rid of my old clothes faster than ever.

XO ~kim



Ski Season Must-Haves


It's decidedly winter here in our new Colorado home, and as winter blows in I'm desperately in need of some new ski clothes and accessories to help keep me warm on our ski trip. I thought I was prepared for the Colorado cold, which is actually warmer than some of the winters I've encountered back east. Everyone raves about dry heat... I'll rave about dry cold! It still gets more than a bit chilly, but I'll be ready with these: Ski Clothes

1. ThermaCELL heated insoles. My feet are always freezing. Always! But, I can't rave enough about these remote control heated insoles to keep my feet warm -- especially when skiing (although I've been wearing them in my shoes for walks on frigid days). I love the tiny remote control to turn them on and off, because cold feet in the morning does not always mean cold feet in the middle of the afternoon. And I can also turn off the heat on my few many hot chocolate breaks.

2. Mittens. Because I've never seen any so cute as these, and yes, these are for me. The more mittens, the merrier, especially ones that look rugged but have modern insulation and waterproofing.

3. Glasses. "What," you say, "what do glasses have to do with winter?" Well, they will help me see the slopes at my feet and ahead if I actually wear progressives under my goggles. I ordered this pair from Firmoo, which has shockingly low prices (without progressives they are $39!). I love that they are clear, adore the price, and am amazed at the high quality for the price. I'll be wearing these daily, and at this price, may order another pair so I can change my glasses as often as I want.

4. Sweater. Something about fair isle screams "ski season" to me. I find the updated colors more wearable than typical fair isles of the past and a lot more hip.

5. Helmet. Although I shouldn't admit it, I hate helmets. So much so, that I've always refused to wear one. This year, I'm thinking it's time to start playing it safe, and I'm on the hunt for one that won't give me a headache. This one's cute... I'm heading out to try some on this week!

6. Ski jacket & pants: I'm not quite willing to admit I don't fit in my ski pants anymore. I'm just going to say that I need a new outfit because fashion dictates an update. I'm sure my husband will believe me. I almost do.

xo ~Kim

Holiday Dresses

FASHIONKim & Chloe

It’s hard to believe that another holiday season is amongst us. It seriously feels like I was just shoveling the snow off my sidewalk last week and like the red cups at Starbucks were just here. It’s so strange how days go by so slowly but when you stop and think about which month it actually is your mind gets uber confused and freaked out. I’m not the only one that thinks this, am I? Any way, since the holiday season is here it means that holiday parties are about to be taking over our planners and our social lives. I have zero complaints considering nothing makes me happier than the festiveness of the season and dressing fancier than usual. I decided to compile a list of my favorite holiday dresses for this season. I hope you find a favorite from this list and if not then just enjoy the visuals… I tried to make them somewhat entertaining.


LOFT holiday dress dress5 dress4 dress2 dress3

black dress | polka dot dress | sweater dress | red dress | woven dress

let me know which dress is your favorite from these picks! xox Chloe

the 1 tip you need to know about cashmere

FASHIONKim & Chloe
cashmere sweater tips

Finally it's fall, as in brrr... I can drink my homemade pumpkin spice lattés daily without funny looks because it was still 80 degrees outside, wear my boots, and pull on my fave cashmere sweaters. My confession is that although I can't wear wool (too itchy) and cotton doesn't keep me warm enough, I hesitated to wear my cashmere sweaters as often as I wanted. Why? Because cleaning them cost a fortune. Until I learned this tip! the best cashmere tip

The trick: wash your own cashmere in special cashmere wash or baby shampoo in cold water, but keep it inside out. Give it a very quick spin on the lowest heat possible in your dryer just to get rid of some excess water, not to dry it. Then lay it flat on a drying screen (or even a towel).  That's all - money saved, cashmere cleaned, sweaters getting the love they need.

Hmmm, with all the money I'll have left over from less dry cleaning, looks like I can do a little shopping! Here's what I've spied lately:

how to wash cashmere sweaters

1. turtleneck | 2. ribbed baseball sweater | 3. open cardigan | 4. grey | 5. white | 6. olive

My dream sweater is definitely, without a doubt, #4. Swooning. I'd wear it with a pencil skirt or skinny jeans. Or dressy skinny pants. Yeah, I think I'd wear it with everything.  Your dream sweater?

xo ~Kim

Friday, Finally

FASHIONKim & Chloe

Fridays have to be my favorite day of the week. The school day goes by so quickly and then it’s finally the weekend, aka the best two days of the week. Today after school I’m going vintage shopping with a few friends so we can find our Halloween costume for an event we’re volunteering at through the school. There are four of us and we’re going as the Scooby Doo gang, I’m being Velma and we have a Shaggy, a Freddy, and a Daphne. Each of us totally fits the characters so it’ll be fun to be all dressed up together! Then after we go shopping we’ll probably go out to eat and then head to our school’s poetry slam. There’s a slam once a month and it’s seriously one of the coolest things about my school. People compete with their poems and their poems are so poignant and interesting and it brings a level of respect and understanding that usually wouldn’t be there. Maybe one day I’ll have the courage to write and preform a poem but for now I’m comfortable in the audience just listening!

easyoutfit popcosmo|outfit chloegordon|popcosmopopcosmo

romper | jacket (similar) | shoes

PHOTOGRAPHY BY SHALYNNE IMAGING shaylynne imaging | colorado photographer



Back to School Outfit

FASHIONKim & Chloe

Back to school outfits are hard for me because I'm used to wearing uniforms.  This is the first time I haven’t had a uniform since 5th grade. In middle school my uniform consisted of a cotton t-shirt with my school’s name on it along with a pair of kaki shorts or pants. Then in 9th and 10th grade I had to wear a fancy collared shirt tucked into a fancy kilt. Then 10th grade round two and 11th grade I could basically wear my pajamas all day… online school for the win. However, now that I’m in 12th grade I finally have the freedom to wear whatever my little ‘ole heart desires. In fact, we basically have no dress code rules, except that we can’t wear spaghetti straps. Which happens to be fine by me. We can even wear open-toed shoes which is absolutely amazing. This idea of being able to wear whatever the heck I want is kind of awesome. I’m trying to not wear leggings to school until I absolutely have to, and so far my streak is going strong (even though I’ve only been to four days of school).

This is an outfit that I plan on wearing next week… just swap my never leave home without-it keep 'cause it keeps my cellphone charged tote for a backpack. It’s simple, it’s easy, and I think it’s pretty darn cute, especially the back of the top! And the price is right on the top and Mint Julep has tons of cute options on boots, tops, scarves... you name it. Let me know what you think in the comments below — I’d love to hear your thoughts!

school outfit cuteoutfit back to school look outfitforschool backtoschool|outfit backtoschool top (c/0) + pants + shoes + watch + bag (c/0)

shaylnneimaging Fabulous photos by Shalynne Imaging. Go give her some love! xox Chloe

First Day Of School

FASHIONKim & Chloe

My last week of summer is officially coming to and end. I don’t know how the heck summer went by so fast; I seriously still feel like it’s June. But school is about to start and that means constant outfits that don’t just consist of exercise clothes. Also, I don’t know if you all know this, but I will be going back to real school which means I will be a new kid my senior year. This is the first year that I don’t have a uniform since 5th grade so I think my mornings will lead to very messy floors. Anyways, this is what I am planning on wearing my first day of school. I think it says “I want to look cute but not like I’m trying too hard.” Right? All I know for sure is that I like it so… ;)back to school outfit

shoes | jeans | top | backpack | nail polish | water bottle

What are you planning on wearing your first day of school? I’d love to hear!

xox Chloe


DIY Graphic Tee


What's one item I could wear with everything? A graphic tee... every time I walk into J.Crew I want another one! But they are breaking the bank, so I turned to my trusty Cricut Explore, which had been getting dusty while we moved and I was away this summer. It's definitely time to start playing with it again since it is so versatile and makes the most complicated craft ridiculously easy! The best part? That's my handwriting. Mhmm. I officially have the coolest shirt around town - my own DIY graphic tee. diy graphic tee

tee: Gap | necklace: Ela Design Studio | sunnies: Ray-Ban

Supplies: T-shirt Cricut Iron-on Cricut Iron Ironing board Tea Towel or t-shirt

Feel free to use our .png file below! Then we can be twinsies with the same shirt ;) blah

Directions: 1. Cut Cricut Iron-On a little larger than the words you are printing and place it shiny side down on mat. Load into the Cricut and follow directions. 2. Be sure to check the box for "Iron On" so that your words will be backward. (This will make sure that when you actually iron on it will be in the right direction) 3. Peel the extra Iron-On material off of the transfer sheet and make sure that no little "extras" are still on your design. 4. Center the design on your shirt and iron onto shirt with a tea towel in between the iron and the Iron-On material. 5. Sit back and admire... then wear what's sure to become your DIY favorite graphic tee and rake in the compliments.

blahblahgraphic diy shirtblahblahshirt

Disclosure:  We are members of the Cricut Blogger Network and received product in exchange for review but as usual all opinions are 100% our own. 

Behind the Gram


These Behind the Gram posts have been popping up lately, and I decided to jump on the train before it left the station. This post is quite embarrassing, but please know that if you laugh you're laughing WITH me and not AT me. jcrewtop

What it looks like: omg, just went shopping and have to show off my new fabulously perfect shirt.

What really happened: yeah, this shirt is fabulously perfect and I wanted to show it off, but when I was shopping at the store I picked up a size below my size and then bought it without trying it on. I then proceeded to ask the guy at the checkout if it was final sale (it was) when I was buying it and I still bought it without trying it one (why?! i never do that!). My mom continued shopping around the store and I started freaking out that I bought the wrong size. I then asked a different sales person if I could try on a dress so that I could actually try on this shirt. It was a size too small. But, I accidentally ripped off the tag when I was taking it off after trying it on. I then went back to the sales guy and told him that I “accidently picked up the wrong size and the tag fell off and I don’t know how that happened but can I exchange this shirt for a size bigger.” Long story short, this shirt was a nightmare to buy but well worth it because I got an Instagram out of it and it's fabulous and it was on super sale.


What it looks like: four professional models on the loose in nyc. everyone beware because we feel more fabulous than we look.

What really happened: I saw someone post an Instagram in Lincoln Center that was super cute so I wanted to recreate the picture. I made Frannie, Caroline, and Sammy hunt for this wall. We then found it and made a random lady take a few pictures of us. The first time she took the pictures they didn’t turn out well so I asked her to take them again. She seemed annoyed, but I really needed her to get the shot. Also, this random dude (it wasn’t Bill Cunnigham, but I’m convinced it was someone on that caliber of awesome) was taking our picture too?


What it looks like: hehe, just me being clever and messing around with my macaroons and the focus on my camera.

What really happened: The other interns and I went to Broadway Bites for lunch one day, I brought my lunch that day but still went because I wanted to bond with the other interns and get out of the office for half an hour. I was browsing around while the other girls were ordering their food and I found some macaroons. They were really expensive so I told the guy working the booth that “I’ll be back” so I could nicely leave without saying that his macaroons were too expensive for me. Then the other interns told me I should buy something so I went back to the macaroon guy and bought a macaroon. He remembered me and gave me one for free. I’m pretty he gave me a free one  because I looked good in my party pants because I had already gotten the FedEx guy to give me a reduced price on a package I had to ship earlier that day. I swear, THE PANTS ARE MAGIC. Also, I picked red and blue because America was playing in the World Cup that day and I wanted to seem festive.


What it looks like: chloe here, reporting live from trendyville. I just happened to stumble in this coffee shop with fancy tiled floors. Also, I’m part of the Birks train so I’m cool.

What really happened: I had planned my whole day in nyc around finding a this one super trendy ice cream place. It was a 25 minute subway + walk from my apartment and it was at least 100 degrees out but I really wanted fancy ice cream. I had the address pulled up on my phone but I couldn’t find it anywhere! I was so frustrated and so hot. But on the way to the ice cream shop I stumbled across Lafayette. I bought a coffee just so I could take a picture of my feet on their floor. As I was paying for my coffee I accidentally pulled out a tampon and a guy was at the register, but I was so hot and so annoyed I couldn’t find my ice cream place that I didn’t even care. Then I took like 89052431 pictures because I had to make sure it was in focus. I then got out of there super fast because it was an awkward fest.


What it looks like: Just casually showing off my new kicks.

What really happened: my mom can’t really take pictures that well so I made her be my model. she had to lay on the floor and kick her feet up so we could take a cute picture of these shoes. Her back hurt that day so she was mad that she had to lay on the floor for 10 minutes while I tried to take the perfect shot. Also, we hung a huge white piece of paper right in front of our door because that’s where the best light was. I’m pretty sure our neighbors and mailman thought we were insane.

Hope you like this post! If you want me to do a round two then let me know! xox Chloe

Try this T-shirt Tie Dye

striped tie-dye

One of our favorite summer projects is tie-dying and as much as we love tie-dye, you know we like to keep it simple... which is why we are such huge fans of Tulip One-Step Tie-Dyes and have been using them for years for all of our projects (see tie-dye shorts and tie-dye beach sheet). We were ready to jump on the Tie Dye Your Summer bandwagon and once again turned to Tulip because they come with bottles that you simply fill with water and you're ready to go. Even gloves come in the box, plus some ideas. All you need is something to tie-dye and a cool idea! t-shirt tie-dye

Striped T-Shirt Tie Dye Prep cool tie-dye patterns 1. lay t-shirt flat and get rid of wrinkles 2. pleat the shirt from top to bottom (you can fold it in the middle if it's easier to handle it) 3. fold sleeves in last, pleating them as well, and tucking them under 4. you should have a flat pleated shirt 5. wrap rubber bands around at intervals, making sure the pleats stay intact 6. your t-shirt should look like a centipede when ready to tie-dye

Dotty T-Shirt Tie Dye Prep Spotted Tie-Dye 1. lay t-shirt flat 2. pinch sections of the t-shirt and wrap the rubber band tightly around. The larger the piece sticking out the top, the larger your circles will be and the more rubber bands you use, the bigger your white space around the circle will be. You could pinch both front and back, but we pinched the front and back together (i.e., the back of the shirt was in the rubber bands you see) and it looked fantastic while saved a bunch of steps.

Once you have your shirt(s) ready, wet them thoroughly. You could definitely do this step first, but we found it was easier to work with dry shirts. tie-dye steps

Gather the tie-dye supplies  - most of which will be in your Tulip One-Step Tie-dye kit + protection for whatever area you will be tie-dying in. We suggest tie-dying in the grass, if you can, since the area will be stained. Tulip tie-dye supplies

Add water to the color bottles you choose and you are ready to tie-dye! It couldn't be more simple, then add color to your shirts directly from the bottle.

tie-dying steps

Once the color has been applied, place them in a bag for 6 or more hours (we left ours in the bag overnight) because we're lazy like that. steps to tie-dye

Remove the shirts from the bags and rinse them in cold water until the water runs clear. It takes a while, but once the color is out, it's gone and your tee is colorfast. Follow the instructions for washing and drying and then enjoy your new shirts. how to make a striped tie-dyehow to make a spotted tie-dye

Voilà, one old tee that was stained turned into a new tee that looks amazingly cool and a new tee that looks much better than plain white! We might cut the neckline on the blue tie-dye t-shirt, but we really love how it turned out.

Follow I Love To Create for some fab & fun creative inspiration on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and their Blog. Perfect boredom busters! Get creating!

What are you thinking about tie-dying?

xo ~kim & chloe

 Thank you ILTC and Blueprint Social for sponsoring this post. All opinions are our own, as usual! 

Bucket Bags

FASHIONKim & Chloe
bucket bags

hot bucket bags for 2014 via New York

While Chloe has been in fashion mecca this summer, I've been settling in, unpacking boxes, and traveling with my son for sports. Needless to say, fashion and blogging have taken a backseat to family. I've asked Chloe to fill me in on what she's noticed on the streets of New York, always one of my favorite ways to spot new trends. While bucket bags are not a new trend, they are heavily in rotation among the fashionistas in the city this summer.

These are a few I'm taking a look at, with some budget options thrown in the mix. Since I recall this trend from when I was a teen, I'm not sure if I'll be jumping on the bucket bag bandwagon, but Chloe wanted a few options, so I pulled together a few for her... along with some that just caught my fancy.

cute bucket bags via Peace Love Shea

The go-to Mansur Gavriel ones above are everywhere in a mini size, although I'd call it manageable one since one that's too big simply becomes a dumping bag for moi, but here's a budget version that has gotten great reviews. And procrastinators rejoice since this Tod's version is 50% off and available to our European friends too! Perfect for fall is the calf-hair bucket bag in leopard. I would absolutely rock it with all black, but I've most definitely been wearing leopard with prints and love the juxtaposition. If you want to stray from leather, this tan nubuck version is so sumptuous, or check out this leather look budget option by Target. And if you decide to invest and splurge, then why not go with this vintage Chanel piece in impeccable shape and glorious texture? It's also available in peach. Yummy.

Are there bucket bags in your future (or present)?

xo ~kim

Invisible Friends get real

FASHIONKim & Chloe

When people ask me what my favorite part of blogging is I always have the hardest time coming up with an answer. Of course there are the events, the clothes, the everything pretty. But there is more to blogging; in fact, if I had to pick my all time favorite thing about blogging it would be the connections that I have made with other teenage bloggers. My Dad calls them my “imaginary friends” but I know that they are, in fact, real friends.1 I had the amazing opportunity to meet up with two of my closets blogging friends Sloane from Sailing the Sea of Style and Gracey from Stripes and Peonies pretty recently! It was such an amazing experience, because we text and tweet each other all the time but we had yet to meet “in real life.” We all happened to be in NYC at the same time so we decided that we had to meet up. And we did. And it was awesome. And they are real people, Dad. I have the pictures to prove it.

Because we are all bloggers we spent the majority of our time together wandering the West Village and taking snaps of the scenery and of each other. Gracey and Sloane were nice enough to snap some outfit of the day pictures of me - in which I'm wearing something new, breezy, and comfortable. Perfect for meeting real friends on a hot summer's day.


shorts |  tank | shoes | watchbag 

xo ~chloe


Just Strolling

FASHIONKim & Chloe
wide leg pants

wide leg pants I love finding things in my closet that are back in style! While organizing and packing for our move to Denver, I realized I had quite a few pairs of wide leg pants so I decided it's time to pull them out. There's just something very Katherine Hepburnish about pulling on a pair of wide leg pants, a cute top and calling it a day. The only thing is... I didn't find any tops in my closet that I could wear with my pants, but my Sofft shoes were the perfect height with these pants. As for tops, I wanted something fitted and short - almost a crop top - but not too fitted and not too short. I gave up. Until I wandered in Anthropologie and saw this cute swingy top that wasn't at all what I was looking for but just happens to go with wide legs and skinnies. I'm so excited to wear it with everything, and revitalize my old, but new to me, wide-leg pants. I guess packing and unpacking does have some advantages.

anthropologie top sofft shoessofft shoes 2

 Anthropologie Top | Theory pants (similar) | Sofft shoes (c/o)

louisville wedding photographers

10 hot styles of espadrilles

FASHIONKim & Chloe

Nothing says summer like slipping on sandals or espadrilles and absolutely nothing says comfort like a well worn espadrille. So guess what I choose 99% of the time? Yep, espadrilles are my spring and summer goto shoe for comfort. And this season is offering some crazy cute styles that are amping up the simple silhouettes from seasons past. With embellishments, tones, patterns, stripes and heights... if you want it, you'll have no problem finding it in espadrilles. And you'll be right in style, without sacrificing any comfort. What's not to love?

espadrilles via Le Blog de Betty

espadrilles on popcosmo.com

gold | blue cap toe |  pink | blue & white stripe | tan tie

We also really like these tassel espadrilles - how fun are they? - these sueded snake ones, these stripe and tan ones by the venerable Castañer and these tie-dye looking ones with a romantic rabbit. All are so unique that you could switch up a pair every day and feel like you have a new look for a new shoe, but still get that espadrille / slipper / summer feel. Right now, I'm enjoying my newish leopard print espadrilles with everything from camo, to jeans to stripe skirts.  Whether I'm in flats or heels, espadrilles have my feet singing, "...summertime... and the living is easy."

xo ~kim