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Party Pants

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wide legged pants

wide legged pants If I had to describe my style in three words it would be minimal, simple, and basic. However, the wide-leg pants I’m wearing in this post are anything but those three words. What’s weird is that my mom tried them on in Anthropologie and I instantly fell in love with them on her. At that moment I knew I needed them in my life. They might be the opposite of what I typically gravitate towards, but I can’t be more obsessed with them. I’ve officially named them my “Party Pants” because they bring the party to any situation. Am I right or am I right? I might be a minimal girl at heart, but these wide-leg, flowy pants bring out the party girl in me.

Anthropologie pants sofft shoes wide leg pants

top | pants | shoes (c/o) on sale! | purse (similar) | bracelet (similar)

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My secret? Jockey Skimmies Slipshorts!

FASHIONKim & Chloe
Jockey Skimmies

Skimmies Slipshorts Although I don't usually discuss this type of thing in public, I do believe undergarments can make or break an outfit and I like to share great finds. So when I was asked to try the Jockey Skimmies slipshorts endorsed by Rachel Zoe, a style idol of mine, in The Zoe Report I couldn't resist giving it a shot. Here's what Rachel Zoe, the ultimate trendsetter and always on the cusp of new fashion, had to say: Which is pretty much what I think! Why bother wiggling into something that's a contortion act to put on, made me feel a stuffed sausage while I had it on, and had me counting the minutes until I could take it off when all I was looking for coverage and smoothness? With Jockey Skimmies slipshorts, those uncomfortable days are over! The coverage under dresses and skirts and smoothing under all my clothes with these slipshorts is exactly what I needed: seamless shorts that act as a slip, yet function as shorts. I can wear them with pants, skirts, and workout clothes. No more VPL, no more static cling + coverage and breathability mean I have a new spring and summer essential.

And from May 27 – June 20, Jockey will challenge America to “Seize the Day in Skimmies®” and expand comfort zones with a series of fun and fashionable daily challenges using the hashtag #SkimmiesPromo. Everyone who participates will have a chance to win a free pair of Skimmies® slipshorts and other great prizes. Challenges with prizes? Count me in!

Details on challenge rules, prizes and entry can be found here: www.facebook.com/Jockey

Jockey Skimmies

This post was sponsored by Jockey Skimmies® through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Jockey Skimmies®, all opinions are my own.

My New York "uniform"

FASHIONKim & Chloe
anthropologie dress

chloe anthro and sofft I’m bidding goodbye to Kentucky and moving on to bigger and better (well, we'll see). The land of hopes, dreams, and streets that smell like bus exhaust: New York City. It’s almost time. Time for my internship to begin... and I can’t wait. At the end of last year’s summer I attended BlogShop New York and was able to go to and from the two days of classes by myself. I was charged with inspiration and this feeling of pure happiness, and I knew, I seriously just knew, that I would spend the next summer (that is - this summer) in NYC.

Luckily everything worked out and I was hired as an intern at Dormify. Isn’t it so cool when dreams come true? Like everything just falls right into place and life is at an all time high. Well for me it’s happening. I can’t wait for what the summer holds and I can’t wait for life. Is that cheesy? {It kind of Mis but I don’t care.} I hope that I’ll have time to explore the city and make some photo journal type posts.

Anyways, aren’t these pictures amazing? Erin has once again captured “me” in a picture. I think these are probably my favorite pictures that she’s taken of me. And I’m totally sporting my “New York Uniform” outfit (aka, all black everything).

There are 2 absolutely NYC things about this outfit besides the color: my Sofft shoes are walkable and my purse charges my phone. I typically can't walk in high heels at all, and these shoes are 4-1/4" (just like my mom's cute & totally walkable shoes, which she promises to share!). I can work all day in them or wander around snapping pics since they are amazingly comfortable. And how cute is this weave on them?

The other thing that I'm excited to take to New York is this emPowered tote that charges my phone. Um, yeah, how cool is that? My phone always dies in NYC, but now I don't have to worry about it. I just stick it in the inside pocket, charge it up and am ready to go - day to night! The leather is incredibly soft and I can carry a day's worth of work inside my tote. Or snacks or cute things I've bought. So tote-ally NYC work ready!

xo ~chloe

necklace sofft shoes on stairsempowered bag empowered bag inside@anthropologie dress anthropologie dress

 Dress (on sale!) | Shoes | Bag

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Top Summer Buys under $100

FASHIONKim & Chloe
Summer Buys under $100

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but when I was in middle school my mom implemented a rule: she’ll buy what I need and I’ll buy what I want. This rule was created on a whim (probably on a day where I was channeling my inner shopaholic) but it stuck. To this day my mom and I still go by this rule (my dad is a little nicer when it comes to purchasing things for me, but he rarely goes shopping with me). Anyway, this rule makes me think about what I really need vs. what I really want on a much deeper level. I hate spending my own money because I’m super frugal but I also really like nice things. So I’ve turned into somewhat of a bargain shopper. Anything less than $100 is typically in my price range, but it has to be of super great quality for me to even think about purchasing it. Meaning it has to last forever and be in style forever. To make it super easy for y’all, I’ve compiled a list of my top under $100 must haves for the summer time. Let me know if there’s anything else I should add to my list! xox ~chloe

floppy hat

floppy hat

denim shorts


J Crew easy tee


Gap leather sandals

leather sandals

Essie Perfect pink polish

nail polish



LL Bean Catch All Tote




zara dress striped dress



I feel like a million bucks

FASHIONKim & Chloe
blue dress + sofft | popcosmo

blue dress I feel like a million bucks only because I'm so incredibly comfortable - not because this outfit was pricey! The dress, from Chloe's closet, was less than $25. Can you believe it?

And I am in love with these Sofft shoes that were sent to me. I apologize in advance if you see them in every outfit post from now on. Although they have wooden heels and are 4-1/4", not only can I walk all day in them, I can walk all day through the woods in them! The padding in them makes me feel like I'm walking on a shoe that is much lower and much sportier, not the fashionable high heel I'm wearing. I can't wait to pair my Sofft shoes up with something a little more boho. Yep, that just might have been a spoiler....

Do you have any accessories that inspire your outfits?

sofftsofft + blue dresssofft on bridge#BaubleBaron the bridgesofft zipper


necklace | shoes by Sofft (c/o) | dress | purse: Bottega Veneta

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6 Cutest Bathing Suits We're Craving Now

FASHIONKim & Chloe
best bathing suits 2014

best bathing suits 2014 I'm done with school which means I'm officially a senior and on summer break! What does that mean? Sun, sand.. and the hunt for the cutest bathing suits!! I don't even have a beach trip planned yet, but I am planning on going to the beach when I'm in New York so I have bathing suits on the brain.

I can't decide between a 1-piece or a 2-piece this summer, but these are a few of my favorites - some in my price range, and some just swoon-worthy. There are so many adorable bathing suits out there that I'm just getting started. I'm going to keep looking around and show you some more when I can't stand keeping them to myself... and I'll let you know when I finally dive in and make a purchase!! Let me know if you have any suggestions for the cutest bathing suits, and I'll do the same.