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Jacob Latimore: get starstruck


Jacob Latimore may have first come to your attention on Radio Disney, or you may have heard his single with Diggy Simmons "Like 'Em All" or you could have seen Jacob Latimore in the movie Vanishing on 7th Street. Perhaps you saw Jacob Latimore on Tyler Perry's House of Payne, or One Tree Hill, Reed Between the Lines, So Random, or... well, whew!! If you have somehow missed out on this amazing talent, then Popcosmo would like to officially introduce you to Jacob Latimore. This BET YoungStars nominated hottie is blowing up in a major way. Actor...singer...dancer. Is there anything he CAN'T do? We sat down with Jacob while he is on the Mindless Behavior "#1 Girl Tour" to find out.

Jacob Latimore You Come First

Thanks for meeting with us! After flying in from NYC yesterday for the release of your video to the HOT new single that's climbing the charts,"You Come First," available for download on iTunes, we should start off with our quick questions:

Age: 15 Always has: My laptop Proudest of: Being on my 3rd tour (Scream Tour, Diggy Simmons Tour, #1 Girl Tour) Thankful for: A good team Wants to: Skydive Afraid of: Might sound weird, but I don't like squirrels Believes everyone should: Be positive and follow their dreams My style is: A variety, because I mean, I don't really have one style. I try things on and if I like it.... I'm more of a winter and fall dresser. I love boots, scarves, skullcaps, trench coats. Pet peeve: I hate when people come in my room and don't clean up after themselves.

"You Come First"

Tell us some of your favorites: Favorite color - red, favorite movie - Home Alone 3, favorite food - Grandma's soul food, like macaroni & cheese, yams, meatloaf. She makes it for me when I go visit her.

What's the hardest part about being so famous? When I'm tired! But the best part is seeing the fans and being on tour. I love doing this... being on the road and seeing the fans. It runs in the family. My Dad and my Uncle sing, it goes back to my Grandfather and great-Grandfather. It was meant to be.

Have you ever been starstruck? I was starstruck by Eddie Murphy -- he had a vibe, star power. I saw him at BET pre-show party. He was there and swagged out. And if I ran into Justin Timberlake he would make me starstruck.

Are you going to be doing any more movies? Yes, I'm doing a few auditions and can't say too much more. Acting is something I want to balance out with my singing career.

How do you get ready to go out and perform? I sit down and meditate and I'm like a zombie. People talk to me and I don't hear them. I think about the show and get in the zone and pray and stretch.

Worst onstage experience? A long time ago, before I was signed to a record label, I sang the wrong words, so I just started dancing and nobody even noticed!

Best experience onstage? Every show! Jacob Latimore

Your "OMG I've made it" moment? Yesterday [at the You Come First video premier in New York City]. I feel like You Come First  is like "wow,this is really happening." I love my fans, and I think this song can reach so many more people beyond my fanbase.

What do you see in the future for your career? I see being one of the best entertainers because performing is something that I want to perfect and make sure it's right. People buy tickets to see you, so you want to give it your all. I want to get into writing songs, and producing, and playing all kinds of instruments and doing things on the acting side also.

Do you have a signature dance move? I just dance how I feel....

Are you into sports? I love sports. I love football and the Bears are my team.

We enjoyed chatting with Jacob, and were awed by the concert with dancing reminiscent of Michael Jackson, on-stage charisma that gave us goose-bumps, and devoted fans that could rival Justin Bieber's. While Jacob Latimore has been called a triple threat for his exceptional acting, singing and dancing ability, we disagree. He's all that and more. He's got stage presence that oozes star power. That "it" that takes your breath away. The ear-piercing screams from the fans at "#1 Girl Tour" would prove our point, but one look at him on stage and it's obvious that entertaining is in his blood. We are not sure if it's genetic, or if it's his grandmother's good soul-food that's got some magic entertaining sparkle in it; but whatever it is, we  recommend that you do not miss an opportunity to see Jacob perform live! He'll leave you starstruck.

"Nothing on Me": The dance video everyone still talks about!

#1 Girl Tour Schedule Starring Mindless Behavior with Special Guests Jacob Latimore and Lil' Twist, with Kayla Brianna on select dates.

July 20 - Nashville, TN July 21 - Southaven, MS July 22 - St. Louis, MO July 26 - Detroit, MI July 28 - Chicago, IL August 1 - Birmingham, AL August 2 - Augusta, GA August 3 - Columbia, SC August 4 - Atlanta, GA August 9 - Baton Rouge, LA August 10 - New Orleans, LA August 11 - Houston, TX August 12 - Dallas, TX August 16 - Las Vegas, NV August 17 - Los Angeles, CA August 18 - Oakland, CA