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My schedule this semester is pretty weird. I have no classes Mondays, which is absolutely amazing, and only one class on Fridays. 

As great as it is to have one class on Fridays, it happens to be during the prime dinner hours — 5 till 7:30pm. It’s awesome because I get to sleep in, but also super annoying because I’m sitting in class while all my friends are enjoying eating a nice fancy dinner at nice restaurants.

This past Friday my friends decided they wanted to continue their healthy streak and decided to go to a vegan restaurant that none of them had ever tried before. I was a little jealous so I asked them to bring me my food home so I could eat it when I got back from class. 

I left for my class when all my friends left for the restaurant, and I spent the next two and a half hours thinking about how much fun they were all having while I was stuck in a dull classroom on a Friday night. As I was walking home, I felt my stomach eating itself — I was literally starved. The first thing I did when I got home was run up to my room to drop off my backpack so I could eat my delicious vegan dinner as soon as possible. 

What did I see when I walked into my room? My two roommates literally rolling on the floor moaning in pain, sweat dripping down their foreheads, hands clenching their stomachs. They were in physical and emotional pain. Why? Because of the vegan food. Vegan food poisoning. 

It was like the bridesmaids scene when all the characters (except one) get food poisoning. It was bad news. I’m not kidding when I say that I stood in the doorway in shock, convinced that a prank was being pulled on me. I ended up being too afraid to eat my food and ate three and a half pieces of toast with cream cheese instead. Not the most fulfilling meal, but definitely better than rolling on the floor in absolute pain.

Moral of the story? Never eat vegan food.

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