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Divergent: Book Review


Don't start Divergent as you crawl into bed at night... that is, not if you plan on going to sleep anytime soon. But, if you are a night owl and don't mind pulling an all-nighter, then go ahead, pick it up and start reading - you'll be set until the sun rises. And then some.  Grab a copy and settle in for a mind-blowing, thrill-filled night. Because it will be. You know we love good books, and Divergent dazzles! Divergent

If you were a fan of the the Hunger Games Series, then you need to run to your local bookstore and snatch up both Divergent and Insurgent. We obsessed over the first two books of Divergent trilogy and we are not alone: it was nominated for a Teen Choice Award and we hear it's been optioned for a movie. YES! They are the kinds of books in which you want to know the next thing that happens; but, then again, you don't -- because you do not want them to end. Although a trilogy, only Divergent and Insurgent have been published. We are not certain when the 3rd book is due, but we will be finding out and tweeting about it. Promise.

All the deets: Divergent is set in a future Chicago, and instead of having political parties there are factions. You are born into a certain faction, and you have to abide by the rules until you are sixteen. Once you reach sixteen years old, you are tested to see in which faction you truly belong. Most people who go through the test end up being what they are born, but a handful of people change factions. This was true for the main character Beatrice. She actually had a choice, but ended up choosing the faction she had admired since she was little.  Although she has lived a life of selflessness, she may be seeking something a bit more exciting. But along with excitement comes danger and self-discovery. And, thank goodness, romance.

Whenever we read a sensational book that we can't put down, we ask ourselves what makes this book so readable and relatable? Divergent is amazingly written (flowing, gives you enough hints that you are curious, but not enough that the whole story is given away) and it's the perfect blend of a love story, sharp wit, and  adventure (enough to make your heart pound).  We are Hunger Game fanatics and didn't think anything could fill the gap as we waited for the next movie... and we are thrilled, beyond thrilled actually, to admit that we were absolutely and completely wrong. Divergent fills the gap and has given us a new reason to read late into the night.  Divergent is a page-turning, fingernail-biting, must read!