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DIY necklace: nautical neon

DIYKim & Chloe

DIY necklaces are a blast to make, but we wanted something super-simple and fantastically fast, but that still made an impact! With nautical being all the rage and seeing everything from lobsters to seashells to blue and white, we wanted to pump up our basic nautical and go from drab to fab in no time flat. In fact, we were rushing out the door and needed something ASAP. What's a girl to do?! We had grabbed (actually untangled) this anchor necklace on one of our many trips to Goodwill, knowing we would find the perfect use for it. However, not quite sure what exactly to do with it, since our mind swims with ideas - wrap it, paint it, gold leaf it - we decided to go with easiest and just paint it neon.

We always love a pop of color and what could be easier? But just changing the white color could be tricky because there is gold edge around the faded white, so we didn't want to lose the gold detailing. We decided the easiest way to change it up was simply to grab our trusty yellow neon nail polish and polish it. We finished with a clear coat to keep the nail polish from chipping and found it to be a simple way to update old jewelry and add new life to it. In fact, our DIY necklace results were stunning! While we love the the pop of neon combined with the rustic chain, and the weight of the chain is fantastic, we may eventually go one step further and add a heavier weight chain with larger links. But for now, we are content with our easy DIY necklace. Honestly, a 5-minute make-over has never looked so bright!


neon necklace


neon necklace

And here's how our DIY necklace in nautical neon looks while being worn:

neon anchor