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let the little things excite you

Chloe Gordon

Ever since starting college, I’ve realized how much I love the sky. From gorgeous sunsets, to big orange moons, to the grey, blue, and white hues. I know this is somewhat of a nerdy — and maybe off-topic — thing to talk about. But the sky is cool. It really is. It’s kind of this ever changing, yet constant, work of art that I just can’t seem to get over. 


Occasionally, actually every time I’m walking to or from dinner I freak out over the sunset. If it’s especially great I really, really freak out. My friends usually make fun of me for these over-excited moments, but I can’t hold back my infatuation with the sky. I just think it’s important to take a moment or two or three to appreciate the unappreciated. Sure, the sun always sets, but tonight’s sunset is so different from last night’s or tomorrow’s sunset. 

Whatever makes you excited or happy or overwhelmed in the best way possible, cherish it. Whether it’s the sky, the stars, the leaves changing color, or whatever, just appreciate your appreciation.

Let the little things excite you.

Thanks for reading!