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cheap but cute but cheap

Chloe Gordon

The worst part about being a blogger is the fact that you’re constantly reading other blogs. 

Ok, reading other blogs isn’t the issue, it’s the content within these blogs. Everything is always so cute and perfect and I am always wanting new things. That being said, I was perusing Caroline’s blog from Citrus and Style and discovered a pair of booties from Forever 21 and I knew the second I saw the price tag that I needed to purchase them. So I did. And then I also bought a sweater, because in my mind, getting free shipping by spending more money seemed cheaper and more reasonable than just buying the booties and paying the shipping costs. 

These are the booties that I bought and now I’m going to go sit in the campus post office until they arrive. 

Do you know of any cheap but cute but cheap things out there that I should buy?

Thanks for reading!