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Humans of New York: my 1 degree of separation


I know New York is all I’ve been talking about lately, and this post is no different, but I just wanted to pop in a tell y’all a little story. But first of all, for those of you wondering, my internship is going so well. Like I can’t wait to go to work in the mornings fun. I’ve been busy taking product pictures, editing product pictures, organizing, and, of course, steaming drapes, pillowcases, etc. But it’s all fun and I really feel like my hard work is helping the company so I'm contributing too.


Anyway, I’ve been walking home from work on most days (which is about 30-ish blocks). I absolutely love walking because it’s so fun to be a part of the New York City rush, plus I really love people watching while I’m walking. A few days ago I was walking through Times Square (with thousands of people) and I saw this dude with a huge mohawk wearing all black clothes. We were walking together for a while and even though he looked super dark and at first honestly kind of intimidating, he was dancing to the music from his iPod and he just seemed like an overall nice person because he smiled and chatted with anyone who remarked on his hair. He was so interesting because of the juxtaposition between his outfit and hair vs. the personality he was emitting.

On my "wish list" this summer is to see Brandon from Humans of New York. I envy how he is able to show another side of people that we normally would never be able to see or even understand. While I haven’t seen Brandon yet, I was browsing Humans of New York last night and I came across the mohawk dude’s picture. Turns out, I saw the mohawk dude the exact same day that his picture was taken and featured. I was SO excited when I saw his photograph and learned a little more about his story. So instead of trying to figure out my 6 degrees of separation, I now have 1 degree of separation since I was walking side by side with the mohawk dude. Well, at least that's how I see it. How cool is that?

They say New York is huge, but I’m learning that it really is just a tiny island.

xox, chloe

Do you read and like Humans of New York?