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New York (internship) is always a good idea

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new york is always a good idea Whew! I just started my internship for Dormify a few days ago and it’s been a whirlwind of excitement, nerves, and new experiences. When I got the news in April that I had been accepted for the internship I was amazed, and knew that it would be a great experience. I was 90% excited and 10% nervous about things like figuring out how to get to work (I've visited New York, but never lived here!), how many people would I be working with, what would I do all day, where were the other interns from, and... could I really do this??

Well, I'm happy to say that all my questions are answered and that even though I just started, I am already obsessed with the whole company. It’s girls only (#girlboss) so the work environment is more fun than I could have imagined. Think great music blasting, chatting about which color and style RayBans are the best, and talking all things creative. Really, it’s that fun.

But, like any job, it is a lot of work, which I love. On the first day I was busy from 10am until 7pm. I spent half of the day researching for upcoming projects and then the other half of the day styling and shooting new products for a super cute desk setting. There’s a sneak peek on Instagram, so be sure to follow us (@popcosmo).

One thing that I was most nervous about my internship was, of course, what to wear. I definitely love more simple and casual clothes, so I’m happy to report that jeans and cute tees are 100% welcome in my office. Woo! I didn’t actually bring that many clothes because I wanted to see what the other girls wore in the office and then go shopping. I mean hello, how could I not go on a major shopping spree while in NYC?

I’ll keep you posted on the internship, but be sure to follow us on Instagram for behind the scenes fun!

What are your summer plans? Are you interning, if so, where?

xox, Chloe