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Back to School: Dorm Room Ideas

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Back-to-school symbolizes the time of year for re-uniting with friends, dreading waking up early, and shopping for supplies ranging from backpacks to pencils & pens to lunch packs to dorm room supplies. It can be the reason to try new styles, new colors, and new gadgets. We’ve found the latest trends and coolest back-to-school supplies for trendy teens, so whatever you are looking for, we’ll be bringing it to you all week long as we bring you the latest in back-to-school for dorms, fashion, beauty, phones & IDs, and supplies! Heading off to college is exciting and scary all at the same time. Our dorm room ideas provide just a few simple tips and tricks to take away some of the pressure of figuring the necessities of what you might need to make a spartan college room feel like home. These dorm room ideas and tips are simple ideas to spruce up your space and not break the time honored college rule of leave only your footprints behind at the end of the semester!

We always just used our iPhone as a clock and thought it worked well enough. But when we tried out the iHome as an alarm / clock / radio / speaker and more, we realized just how much we were missing! The iHome Dual Alarm FM Clock Radio is now the first item we'd recommend for any teen who owns iPod, iPad or an iPhone. Most importantly, it matches just about any room, since comes in grey, blue, and pink. Plus, it can be used as an alarm clock and as a speaker system. You can adjust the volume of the speaker to be really low so you can just listen to music quietly in your room and not disturb your room-mates while they are studying, or you can blast the music if you want to have a dance party with your friends. The light of the time so it can be very bright or completely off, depending on whether you are alone, sleeping, or need a night-light.

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And we were thrilled that the system doesn't take a math or tech major to set. For the alarm, all you have to do it go to the app on your iPhone and there are a ton of settings from which you can choose. You can either play the radio, a playlist from your music, or just a random song to wake up to. You can also choose how long you want the snooze to last, and you can also choose the volume of the music. You can set 2 separate alarms, plus a weekday alarm that is different from a weekend alarm. And there is an app that syncs with the iHome and the iHome syncs with the time on your phone, so when the electricity goes out, no pesky resetting of the time! The iHome makers thought of things that we would never would have been able to dream of which makes us adoring fans of this clock + alarm + radio.


Stylish Dorm Rooms

 iHome Dual Alarm FM Clock Radio, $79.99

For the fun-loving sushi-loving gal who has a sense of humor, we have a whimsical solution for you, that happens to be a very comfortable one too! Sushiami pouf ottomans are oversized floor pillows that look just like pieces of your favoriate sushi. Choose a California Roll or a Cucumber roll, with a roe accessory on top, or both. We use ours as an ottoman to lounge on, as a footrest, and as a low seat to pull up to a snack table. It’s handy and cute, and perfect for a dorm room and extra seating when a friend pops over!  It doesn't take up much space and can be tucked under a desk and be a footrest to keep it out of the way when floor space is at a premium. This is the perfect dorm room solution for late night chat session, or movie nights.

Stylish Dorm Rooms

Sushiami Poufs, 79.95

Keep it simple, is our motto. We like ideas that have many uses and that is one of the reasons we like Stick UM!s and Hook UM!s  Use Stick UM!s to hang posters and pictures of  your friends, and change them throughout the year. They don't get less sticky, no matter how many times you move them.  Put one by the door and stick your phone there so you always know where it is. Or use it to have a place for leaving a note for your suite-mates so you have one spot for all notes... let each roommate have one color and leave handouts, notes, makeup they need to try, etc. on their Stick UM!  There are a zillion uses for this colorful, sticky rectangle!

stylish dorm rooms

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Stick UM!, $6.99

Hook UM!s look like ordinary hooks gone Dr. Seus! They are exceptionally strong and repositionable, so it's not a problem if you need to move them. They are not like other sticky hooks that you have to toss when you change your mind, or your décor. When we say strong, we mean these babies are STRONG! They can hold a backpack up to 10 lbs. books, a purse full of... well, whatever was put in there over the summer, or a night's selection worth of must-try on clothes -- you get the idea.  Rectangular Hook UM!s are cuties too. We like how because they are thinner, and since the hook is "taller" they keep items from slipping off. They are ideal for hanging necklaces knick-knacks and hairbands. But they also inspired some dorm room makeover ideas: make an speedy headboard with these hooks and a cute and cheap shower curtain, or dress-up a closet door to get rid of boring white walls!  Hook UM!s make what could have taken hours, and the use of nails (a dorm-room no-no), take just a few minutes. See our quick tutorial for the how to's!

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Hook UM!, $6.99


Easiest Headboard Ever Tutorial

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Step 1: Gather your supplies: shower curtain, ribbon, scissors, level, your choice color of Hook-Um!s Step 2: Measure the spaces of every other hole in the shower curtain. Our shower curtain was wider than the bed, and we liked the extra fabric draping in-between each hole, but you could also cut it to the exact length. Follow the instructions for sticking the Hook-Um!s on the wall. Then measure, place, and level. Step 3: Once level and secure, place the shower curtain on the Hook-Um!s. They are repositionable if they are not in the exact spot needed. Step 4: Apply bows (we used duck tape, but you could also tie them on to the Hook-Um!). Enjoy your Headboard!


Dress-up Your Closet Door!

Back to School Dorm Room Ideas

Step 1: Gather your supplies: shower curtain, level, ribbon and your choice color of Hook-Um!s Step 2: Measure the spaces between every hole in the shower curtain. You can either cut the extra width of the shower curtain if it extends beyond the width of the door, or double it back.Follow the instructions for sticking the Hook-Um!s on the wall. Then measure, place, and level. Step 3: Once level and secure, place the shower curtain on the Hook-Um!s. They are repositionable if they are not in the exact spot needed. Step 4: Gather the curtain in the middle and tie with a ribbon that matches the shower curtain. Enjoy your dressed-up closet door!