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Back to School Fashion + Giveaway!

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back to school fashion

Back-to-school symbolizes the time of year for re-uniting with friends, dreading waking up early, and shopping for supplies ranging from backpacks to pencils & pens to lunch packs to dorm room supplies. It can be the reason to try new styles, new colors, and new gadgets. We’ve found the latest trends and coolest back-to-school supplies for trendy teens, so whatever you are looking for, we’ll be bringing it to you all week long as we bring you the latest in back-to-school for dorms, fashion, beauty, phones & IDs, and supplies!

We love our backpacks, but if you are in a backpack rut or are looking for a fashionable alternative, take a look at the So Cool Neon Satchel. It's the ideal bag if you don't have that many books for school, or you are looking for a bag for your iPad or a small computer and want the latest in fashion that is fun and functional. The So Cool Neon Satchel is a standout bag that will pump up any outfit with a pop of color.  This is a sturdy well-made bag in a classic shape but the neon colors of green, orange, or pink definitely make it trendy for back to school fashion gals! There is an ID slot for your identification and the size (14"W x 9.5"H x 3"D) is perfect to fit books with an iPad, or use it as a large purse. It's the go-to bag for fall at a great price! Plus, Creative Kidstuff is also giving away a satchel in YOUR choice of color to one lucky winner! Enter daily for your chance to win at the bottom of this story and GOOD LUCK!

neon satchel Neon So Cool Satchel, $59.99

Back to school fashion and sports CAN and SHOULD be mentioned in the same sentence! We need for workout clothes that functional and wick sweat and keep us cool, but we WANT workout clothes that are fashionable! And we found a line that is both! STRUT-THIS understands that besides keeping cool while working out, we can also look cool and cute. We recommend STRUT-THIS because their top and capri kept us dry and cool while being totally fashionable. But we were entirely skeptical of any clothing that says "One Size Fits Most" and mostly skeptical of clothing that says it's appropriate for mothers and daughters. So, the challenge was ON! Could SRUT-THIS satisfy this, ahem, not exactly runway model size mother / daughter duo? We tested every single one of the items pictured below and are blown away by STRUT-THIS.  There was no binding and no riding up, only pure comfort. The tops and bottoms absolutely fit both of our body types, so we do think they would fit most body types around, although the bra is not as supportive as we would like for high impact sports, but we adore the t-shaped back! And, yes, the styles are absolutely appropriate for moms and teens. These are the hippest workout clothes we've seen and we love that they aren't seen on everyone else, plus the colors and styles are phenomenal. They actually made us want to get dressed to go work out... and in 100 degrees, that's serious motivation!  So, we will take their motto to heart and "dress up our workout.... look beautiful, feel confident, live life, STRUT THIS."

back to school workout clothes Sassy Scoop in Hot Pink, $45 The Revenge Bra in Neon Yellow, $38 The Beau- Blue, Purple, Pink, $58

C4 belts are revolutionary. Not just because of the TPE plastic (meaning it’s environmentally friendly) and because the company is socially responsible (when you buy a belt you select a charity to which they donate a portion of proceeds) but because they are fashion forward and completely color-customizable. Want a pink buckle and green belt? No problem! Want colors to match your school’s colors, they’ve got it. Need to change the belt color today, go ahead! Pick a color belt, pick a color buckle, or two or three. Cut the belt to fit (you can keep it longer for growing room, and mix and match to suit your mood. Go bright and fluoro, or stick to understated. It’s your choice and yours alone… not some big company’s choice! And if you change your mind tomorrow, at this price, you can change your look! It's simple to unlock your belt from your buckle and make the entire system interchangeable. Four guys set out to change the belt industry... and they have. C4 is the future of belts, and we like what we are wearing.

what to wear back to school

The color combo choices:

c4 belts C4 Belts,  Belt- $20 / Buckle - $5

Skinny red jeans are at the top of our fall must-have list! And Dittos jeans (check out their Facebook page) makes one of the most flattering pairs around. With enough style choices to make a fashionista tickled pink, you are certain to find your fave style… just like we did in the mid-rise red skinny jean. Heads are sure to turn as you make your entrance back to school in this fall’s must have. But, what we absolutely love about Dittos jeans is that there is no digging in of the seams, and no plumber’s butt when bending over to pick something up. They fit, just like an expensive designer jean, at a much more teen-friendly price. We suggest wearing the skinny style cuffed and with a cute bootie for back-to-school. As the year progresses, the skinny pair would look fantastic tucked in this fall's must-have to-the-knee boot! With so many colors and styles, including the popular wide leg for fall, to choose from with Ditto's, your fave is definitely among them. 


dittos 2012 Dittos, $62

When shopping for back to school shoes, a lot of people forget how much of a necessity rain boots are. When trudging from class to class you definitely don't want to be wearing your favorite everyday shoes that a sure to get beat up and wet, so it's very important to wear a sturdy pair of rain boots! We think Bogs are one of the top brands when it comes to rain boots, because they have tons of different styles, prints, and colors. We tried out the Charlot Gum Rubbers and absolutely love them! They are 5" tall so they are easy to walk in and won't leave legs sweating in class and feet freezing outside when changing classes! The material of the shoes is very durable, and they are 100% waterproof which makes them 100% perfect for the rain or snow. And they will be on our winter list too since they are insulated to sub-zero temps and slip-resistant (perfect for a gravity-challenged girl like moi!) They may be technologically advanced, but the thing we like best about them? They took a rain boot and made it warm and cute!

bogs boots Bogs Classic Mid Stargazer Purple (top Left), $105 Bogs classic Tall (lower left), $100 Bogs McKenna Black (large), $190

College bound gals and swimmers: we have found flip-flops for you… no more slip-sliding around! We go to a LOT of swim meets and shower off afterwards in a lot of questionable showers. So slipping out of flip-flops has always been a problem. And falling has happened too many times to count. Okabashi has not only solved the slipping issue with their grippy flip-flops, they’ve also solved the grimey gross problem: just throw them in the dishwasher to get them clean. That’s right, you can wash them in the dishwasher! We love that there is a 2-year guarantee, meaning they won’t be cracking, or if they will, we can call up this Georgia company and talk to real people! And after we have worn them out, we can recycle them. Oh, and have we mentioned that they are comfortable and have support. Maybe more than we need in a shower shoe, but who knows, it may be a long walk down the hall to the shower… or you might just keep them on a lot, lot longer like we do! Plus, they are available in a skittles rainbow of colors to satisfy every fashionable gal!

dorm room fashion

Okabashi, $14.99 a Rafflecopter giveaway