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Low Ponytail

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  The low ponytail is a classic style that's perfect for just about any occasion. But it's also a lifesaver on those morning when you have to rush out the door. Our tutorial will show you how to add a few twists to the routine to make it seem like you put in a lot more effort than it really requires, giving you a polished hairstyle in minutes.

Low Ponytail how-to

Step 1: Tease hair at the crown. Start with a four inch section at the crown of your head, and back comb to give your pony a nice voluminous look. Take another section behind it and do the same, and repeat one more time. Gently comb the teased sections to smooth them back, but leaving height.

Step 2: Put your hair in a ponytail, but leave out a one inch section from the side or bottom of the ponytail.

Step 3: Wrap the one inch section around your pony tail and secure with a bobby pin or two (it might even take three depending on how thick your hair is). Enjoy your stylish low ponytail.

How to style a simple ponytail


Thanks to Michelle Brooks of Headz Inc. of Louisville!

Michelle Brooks

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