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H&M Sweater I go through phases in how I dress, typically revolving around where we live, where I work, and how I'm feeling that day. But overall, I've always tended to be drawn towards clothes that are simple and accessories that are bold. I've always said I like classic with a twist. I'm not sure if that twist is fun, trendy or what. But it just needs to have some interest! I didn't realize when I threw this outfit on, but it pretty much sums up my look on most days.

Although I was surprised at how many of you responded to our favorite tees post by saying you don't wear tees (I'd love a peek in your closets!) mine is comprised of tees in black, whites and greys of varying fits for just about any outfit.

I've had these booties for ages. Rag & Bone started right here in Kentucky & is now a fashion darling & the type of brand you'll have forever. My booties may have been expensive, but they are still for sale, umpteen seasons later. If you're looking for a perennial, yet newish, brand, this is it. And Goyard (my handbag) has been around since 1792. I'd say it's timeless.

Jeans are the swiss army knife of my wardrobe. For the lifestyle I lead right now, they can be worn almost anywhere, any day in heels to snow boots. I'd like to check out some new brands… any suggestions?

Goyard purse Hermes bracelet Paige Jeans

shirt: Everlane | jeans: Paige | booties: Rag & Bone | jacket: H&M | bracelets: Lucky & Hermes |  bag: Goyard (similar)