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Styling Tips for Fashion posts


When we revamped our blog last year and started adding fashion posts (of OOTD or WIWN variety) we started scouring our favorite blogs to see what style of posts captured our attention when saw them on the page. We checked to see which posts made us stop in our tracks and look to see what they were wearing, and which posts had cute clothes but didn't really keep us on the page. We developed a checklist of a good style post that we kept in our head, but now it's time to share with you! fashion blogging tips

via Sea of Shoes

  1. Do not have backgrounds growing out of our heads or bodies! (i.e., trees, poles, etc)
  2. Movement and playfulness capture our eye!
  3. Natural light is best and the golden hour is the most flattering
  4. Show the whole outfit in at least 1 photo
  5. Vary the background according to the outfit
  6. Blurred out backgrounds focus the eye on the clothes
  7. Show detail shots, especially of accessories or interesting shoes
  8. Varying angles add visual interest
  9. Have enough photos, but not so many that just becomes repetitive
  10. Have fun & try to look natural, not forced

Someone who inspires our checklist? Gary Pepper Girl! Ok, she does travel to exotic locales practically every day, so of course her photos are absolutely to die for. Plus, many are taken by her boyfriend, so you know he is going to capture her in the most amazing, flattering light and position. But seriously, could her clothes, settings, and photos be any more swoon-worthy?

How to take a great OOTD picture

Winnie Detwa has one of our favorite Instagrams because her photos are ethereal. Most have an earthiness to them (go check out her blog and instagram to see) which is why this photo has always stuck in my mind! Plus, she happens to be one of the nicest people I've (Chloe) met. See how bold she is by having a solid against a solid?  The impact of the pink would be lost against a splashy background. Her eye is just so darned good and we'll always look to her for styling tips and inspiration!

best fashion instagrams

How amazing is Jessica of Tuula Vintage in this picture? A simple silhouette with a remarkable background.

how to take great fashion blog styling tips

via Tuula Vintage

Of course, this is only our list, and if you think of some major bloggers, they make their own rules which just goes to show you that you must create your own checklist and stick to what works for you! Some bloggers have the same background in most of their posts and only show one or two photos or don't even describe what they're wearing. But isn't it better to want more from a post than be overwhelmed? And some go to the other extreme and post such busy pictures that it's hard to tell if they have travel or fashion blogs; but,that's why there are so many blogs! We each have to find our own niche, our own comfort zone and just. rock. it.

Our list of styling tips works for us. Today. But it might change tomorrow, and each season brings a different perspective and each shoot has a new focus. Sometimes we hit a lot of points, sometimes we don't, and that's what makes creating our posts fun and challenging. Plus, where would we be without our beyond incredible photographers, Erin Trimble and Susan Stewart?  A fresh perspective and trained eye is always helpful and it's brought 2 new friends into our lives!

Who are your favorite fashion bloggers… and why do you like their posts? We'd love to hear what's on your list for a good fashion post!