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The Secret to Better Skin

BEAUTYKim & Chloe

Resolution: Take better care of our skin.We recently visited? Skyn Lounge, to discuss our skincare resolution with Erica, the owner. ? She believes facials are one of the best ways to improve and maintain healthy skin, so we are sharing the steps to the perfect facial at home, or in a salon. We know that this is one resolution that will be easy to keep because we are convinced of? the benefits of a good facial. They clean out impurities and help your skin feel renewed and refreshed! 1. Clean your skin. Erica suggests a gel cleanser for partly oily skin or regular cleanser for normal/dry skin. Use circular motions with a washcloth or sponge, avoiding the eye area. Washing your face will remove makeup, dirt and sweat, and help unclog pores.

2. Rinse and remove cleanser. Spas may use sponges dipped in clean, warm water, but at home you can simply rinse well. ? Repeat steps 1 & 2. The 2nd time will remove oil and impurities. If you have a Clarisonic brush, you should use it in this step. Simply dab cleanser on the Clarisonic. Start on your cheeks and cleanse your entire face for the 1 minute interval that is set on your brush. Rinse. 3. A facialist will do extractions at this point, but you should not do extractions at home because they can cause scarring. If you have blackheads that need removing, there are special tools for removal, or go to your favorite spa.

4. Tone. Use a cotton pad and apply a few drops of toner to help return your skin to it's normal pH level. It is also refreshing and removes residue. ? An alternative to store-bought toner is to use witch hazel, which is just as effective, and less costly than many toners. 5. Apply a face mask. Depending on the goal of your facial, you may choose a clay mask or a moisturizing mask. Chloe chose a clay mask since it will pull impurities out of the skin, unclog pores ,and kill bacteria that can cause breakouts. Leave the mask on for the recommended time period. 6. Remove the mask with warm water or a warm washcloth.

7. A facialist will massage your skin to improve blood circulation, relive tension, and help with sinus issues. They will also massage your neck and shoulders. This was Chloe's favorite part of the facial - a mini-massage!!

8. Hydrate your skin. We used a B5 Gel which required only a few drops, and was non-greasy and light. 9. Apply a sunscreen. You should always protect skin from the sun to prevent sun damage and brown spots. Don't forget your neck andchest! We used Skinceutical's tinted sunscreen to even out skin tone without using makeup. We also love that it is sweat proof and waterproof so it will stay on during sports. 10. Don't forget lip balm with sunscreen because, yes, lips can burn too! ? Voil? , a clean and clear you and a resolution that will be easy to keep! Thanks, Skyn Lounge, for the wonderfully relaxing and cleansing facial. We can't wait to return!