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DIY Headband in under 10 minutes

DIYKim & Chloe

We love headbands so much that we used to pay any price for the perfect headband. When we realized how easy they were to make, we decided we had our next DIY project, and we knew we'd be saving tons of money! Our DIY headband is easy and costs less, meaning we don't need to buy expensive headbands anymore. And, by making our own, we still can have "the perfect headband." Because of course, any headband you design is going to be perfect, right? DIY headbands are our new weekend obsession. If you are looking for more DIY projects, check out our leather and chain bracelets, J. Crew bracelet,? or beaded (chan luu) bracelets for more weekend (or 10 minute) projects! Step 1 Gather: 15-10" fabric trim or riboon, 2" elastic or 2 ponytail holders, looped fabric glue or needle + thread

make a headband  make a headband  how to make a headband

Step 2 If using hairbands, loop them as in the photo above. Fold one end of the fabric or ribbon through one loop and attach to itself  with fabric glue or needle and thread. If using elastic, sew (or glue) the elastic to the trim.

how to make headband

Step 3 Repeat on other side after measuring to fit your head.

Voila ... a DIY Headband in your favorite trim in less than 10 minutes!

how to make a headband