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New York (internship) is always a good idea

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new york is always a good idea Whew! I just started my internship for Dormify a few days ago and it’s been a whirlwind of excitement, nerves, and new experiences. When I got the news in April that I had been accepted for the internship I was amazed, and knew that it would be a great experience. I was 90% excited and 10% nervous about things like figuring out how to get to work (I've visited New York, but never lived here!), how many people would I be working with, what would I do all day, where were the other interns from, and... could I really do this??

Well, I'm happy to say that all my questions are answered and that even though I just started, I am already obsessed with the whole company. It’s girls only (#girlboss) so the work environment is more fun than I could have imagined. Think great music blasting, chatting about which color and style RayBans are the best, and talking all things creative. Really, it’s that fun.

But, like any job, it is a lot of work, which I love. On the first day I was busy from 10am until 7pm. I spent half of the day researching for upcoming projects and then the other half of the day styling and shooting new products for a super cute desk setting. There’s a sneak peek on Instagram, so be sure to follow us (@popcosmo).

One thing that I was most nervous about my internship was, of course, what to wear. I definitely love more simple and casual clothes, so I’m happy to report that jeans and cute tees are 100% welcome in my office. Woo! I didn’t actually bring that many clothes because I wanted to see what the other girls wore in the office and then go shopping. I mean hello, how could I not go on a major shopping spree while in NYC?

I’ll keep you posted on the internship, but be sure to follow us on Instagram for behind the scenes fun!

What are your summer plans? Are you interning, if so, where?

xox, Chloe

My favorite Graduation Cards

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graduation announcements

The end of the school year is always my favorite part of the year. The weather is warm but not too warm, everyone seems to be in good spirits, and there are so many parties to be thrown. While I don’t graduate until next year, I’ve already been trying to come up with graduation card ideas since I'm scheming how awesome my graduation party will be. I want there to be good food, great friends, and the perfect ambiance. I believe the first thing that is super important to set the feel of a party is the invitation. It lets everyone know the type of party to expect and sets the whole mood for the afternoon or evening. We ordered our business cards from Minted but they have so much more! Their cards are fabulous! There are tons of different options and you can customize the colors and shapes on some of the cards. Seriously, wow!

I know I don’t graduate until next year, but I guess the senioritis has already set in a little bit ;)  At least Minted has given me tons of Graduation card ideas and I can dream about it for a while.

Below are a few of my favorite cards... let me know what you think of them in the comments below!

xox ~chloe

graduation announcementsgraduation announcements graduation announcements



Chloe Takes NYC

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my Dormify internship

Today I have some super (super, super, super) exciting news! Guess where I’ll be spending a good chunk of my summer? (uh, if you read the title, you already know, but I like guessing games)

But if you just jumped in and started reading, are you ready to know?!


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NYC! Yep, the good 'ole city of dreams, magic and inspiration, and also the land of my dad's family (and accents) and my favorite breakfast (bagels and lox). I will be interning for an amazing company called Dormify. I can't wait to meet the nicest people I've met on Skype and through emails, who I know I'll learn tons from about PR, marketing, product placement, photo styling and more.  Dormify has the cutest dorm room decorations and accessories, and I am seriously thrilled to be a part of such an inspiring team.

Summer can’t come fast enough. Aaah! Just thinking about it is putting a huge smile on my face and is making me so excited that I'm almost forgetting about all the exams and tests that stand between me and my dream internship. I can’t wait to share my entire experience with y’all which I know for a fact will include a lot of “photo essay” posts where I share a whole bunch of photos from the amazing inspiration that NYC holds.


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So, if you're in NYC and wanna hang out... let me know. Do you have any tips for shopping, eating, photo ops? If so, share away!

xox ~chloe


Art on my mind

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Paul Poiret

As many of you might know, I’m a junior in high school. This means almost everything on my mind is related to college in some way. Stressful? You betcha, I’m just lucky that I don't stress out easily.

sketch pad inspiration

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Anyway, I really want to major in Communications Design - which is sort of like a graphic design major. However, at my dream school (which shall remain nameless for fear of future embarrassment if I don’t get in) in order to become a part of the Communications Design major you have to take a full year of other art classes including Drawing and Painting. Although I am a quick learner when it comes to graphic arts and photography, drawing and painting are definitely not my forté. At this point, the only things that I can confidently draw include stick figures and trees. This is not a joke.

In order to even be considered at my dream school or other similar schools (because hey, I'm realistic) in my dream major, I have to submit a portfolio. I have plenty of graphic design and photography pieces to submit, but when it comes to drawings and paintings, yeah… I’ve got nothing. Because my parents are awesome, they have allowed me to start taking art lessons with a local teacher. My first lesson is was Tuesday, and saying I'm excited about my classes would be an understatement.

My point? I wanted to share a few pieces that I find remarkably inspiring. I also wanted to see if y’all would be interested in me sharing my art journey. I was thinking that once every few weeks I could show you a few pieces of work that I had done or a few pages of my sketchbook. Thoughts?

xox ~chloe

art in the style of dada lemon art

left / right

Paul Poiret printed linen art wire sculpture by Calder

left / right