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Paul Poiret

As many of you might know, I’m a junior in high school. This means almost everything on my mind is related to college in some way. Stressful? You betcha, I’m just lucky that I don't stress out easily.

sketch pad inspiration

via Etsy

Anyway, I really want to major in Communications Design - which is sort of like a graphic design major. However, at my dream school (which shall remain nameless for fear of future embarrassment if I don’t get in) in order to become a part of the Communications Design major you have to take a full year of other art classes including Drawing and Painting. Although I am a quick learner when it comes to graphic arts and photography, drawing and painting are definitely not my forté. At this point, the only things that I can confidently draw include stick figures and trees. This is not a joke.

In order to even be considered at my dream school or other similar schools (because hey, I'm realistic) in my dream major, I have to submit a portfolio. I have plenty of graphic design and photography pieces to submit, but when it comes to drawings and paintings, yeah… I’ve got nothing. Because my parents are awesome, they have allowed me to start taking art lessons with a local teacher. My first lesson is was Tuesday, and saying I'm excited about my classes would be an understatement.

My point? I wanted to share a few pieces that I find remarkably inspiring. I also wanted to see if y’all would be interested in me sharing my art journey. I was thinking that once every few weeks I could show you a few pieces of work that I had done or a few pages of my sketchbook. Thoughts?

xox ~chloe

art in the style of dada lemon art

left / right

Paul Poiret printed linen art wire sculpture by Calder

left / right