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the 1 tip you need to know about cashmere

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cashmere sweater tips

Finally it's fall, as in brrr... I can drink my homemade pumpkin spice lattés daily without funny looks because it was still 80 degrees outside, wear my boots, and pull on my fave cashmere sweaters. My confession is that although I can't wear wool (too itchy) and cotton doesn't keep me warm enough, I hesitated to wear my cashmere sweaters as often as I wanted. Why? Because cleaning them cost a fortune. Until I learned this tip! the best cashmere tip

The trick: wash your own cashmere in special cashmere wash or baby shampoo in cold water, but keep it inside out. Give it a very quick spin on the lowest heat possible in your dryer just to get rid of some excess water, not to dry it. Then lay it flat on a drying screen (or even a towel).  That's all - money saved, cashmere cleaned, sweaters getting the love they need.

Hmmm, with all the money I'll have left over from less dry cleaning, looks like I can do a little shopping! Here's what I've spied lately:

how to wash cashmere sweaters

1. turtleneck | 2. ribbed baseball sweater | 3. open cardigan | 4. grey | 5. white | 6. olive

My dream sweater is definitely, without a doubt, #4. Swooning. I'd wear it with a pencil skirt or skinny jeans. Or dressy skinny pants. Yeah, I think I'd wear it with everything.  Your dream sweater?

xo ~Kim