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Blue v-neck sweater by Everlane Chloe and I love to share our clothes, it's one of the perks of having a daughter, although I have to admit to stealing my son's clothes too! Chloe and I are the same size in most of our clothes so instant closet doubling. But, when it comes to my "nicer" clothes, I draw the line… closet closed. You know, teens may not be too concerned about nice shoes being scuffed, suede getting rainspots, light colored pants getting a drop of marinara, or cashmere sweaters getting stretched or pulled.

Since I wear cashmere often, seemingly daily to keep warm this winter, I'm particularly possessive over my cashmere sweaters because they used to cost a bundle. But since discovering Everlane and the concept of radical transparency, my price point is down and the quality is way, way up. Prices are so reasonable and quality is so superior that when a friend of mine learned about my sweater, she was ordering instantly. No hesitation. (And she looked amazing in her new Everlane cashmere black cardi and Iris Apfel glasses at lunch yesterday!)  Even her style cautious husband ordered a few items for himself, and silk shirts... for her.

Happy daughter in her cashmere sweater, happy couple in their new Everlane goodies, and happy me. Since I'm not setting Chloe up on a date and since my friends are already happily married, I can't call myself the Millionaire Matchmaker; but perhaps I can call myself the Style Peacemaker. I kinda like it.

Everlane CashmerePink peonies flower shoppingCole Haan Coat Arrowhead Necklace

sweater: Everlane cashmere slouchy v-neck (c/o) | bag: Baggu | shoes: Clarks | Jeans: Anthropologie | glasses: Rivet & Sway (c/o) | coat: Cole Haan (sold out) | gold arrowhead: Christina Jervey | Rebeccah necklace: Reinstein Ross

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