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internet loves lately {1} Lordy, I just can't get enough of Lorde! Every song she sings - even those besides Royals- blow me away. Is she really only 16? Has she really only just begun her career? Please don't let her pull a teen burnout drama. Somehow, I don't think it will happen. If you listen to her lyrics... really listen... she's got a great head on those shoulders. She's going places, and she's in charge.

{2} Leather, leather and more leather. A jacket or these pixie leather pants. Don't tell me I'm too old (well, you can, but I'm sure I'll ignore you) and forget the lace that songs say I should have going with it. If I want girly with my leather, give me sky high heels (ok, sky high = 3" unless I want to be eating pavement) or a girly curly hair-do. Girly is subjective. Whatever in leather, I say.

{3} Ok, I know it's nowhere near Valentine's day, but since I adore fall and am feeling L.O.V.E.ly, this gorgeous sign inspired me & tempted me. $414 is beyond my budget... so guess what that means? Yeppers, a DIY is coming up. Stay tuned!

{4} Emerson Fry: The lady doth create brilliance wrapped up in simplicity. I'm craving this coat because it IS an outfit. Or this one. Or this one. Heck, just dress me head to toe in the whole collection and I'll be ready for anything for years to come.

{5} I've said it before and I'll say it again, "I will have a pair of Sophia Webster shoes one day." Isn't stating your goals out loud supposed to help make them come true? Her shoes are wearable art with an Andy Warhol-esque kitsch mixed with a keen Louboutin sensibility. One day I will wear them with abandon. I may even sleep in them.

TGIF, y'all!   XO ~Kim  What are you craving lately? Anything here catch your fancy?