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If I could pick any time period to live, it would have been the 1960's. I don't know why, but I've always liked this era and absolutely identify with it. I love the music, the fashion, the sayings and the movies. It seems so peaceful. So, I ignore all the bad things, you know, like pre-feminist movement stuff and women not being equal and able to truly be who they want to be, because this is my idyllic version of the 60's and definitely not the realistic version.Leona Collection

60's look cute 60's fashion how to dress 60's Leona Dress Collection

dress: Ellison Dress, Leona by Lauren Leonard (c/o) | photography: Pink Owl Photography 

In my 60's, I imagine waking up and my friends and I dress up in our amazingly fashionable clothes that is all 60's. Obvi. We'd hang out watching our super-big televisions -I'm not in school because remember this is the ideal version, not the real-life one!- and bake amazing meals. Then we'd crank up the music on our retro record players and maybe go to the "cinema" and watch a Doris Day movie. It'd just be the perfect spring day in my amazingly gorgeous dress!

What inspired this photo shoot with our amazing photographer, Pink Owl Photography, was when Leona sent a box of to-die-for dresses from their summer collection in the mail to play with for a while. A typical fashion post just wasn't in the cards. The dresses inspired us to have fun, and fantasize a little. Because I have a make believe 60's fantasy life in my head, why not bring it to life since I don't think you are ever too old to play dress-up! Check out their collection... I think you'll be inspired too!

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