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Make your Flower Tower a Blooming Success!


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Home Depot, but all opinions are my own.

I've had such a blast building our Flower Tower and being part of The Home Depot Garden Club! I was so excited to #digin and try vertical gardening for the first time and this project definitely added the much needed punch of color and height that my patio was lacking.

Along the way, I picked up a few tips and tricks that I'd like to pass along so you can make sure your Flower Tower is a blooming success!

1. Select your flower pot first. It will help you determine which height galvanized wire landscape fabric will be best for your project. If you buy a wide and deep pot, the 4 ft. galvanized wire and 4 ft. landscape fabric is perfect, but for a small pot (13" or smaller), I would suggest 3 ft. wire and 3 ft. landscape fabric.

selecting pots

2. Buy the largest bag of potting soil available. I filled a 13" pot and 4 ft. wire Flower Tower using a large bag of potting soil, plus extra. BUT, if you do not have help, it might be easier to buy two small bags because a large bag is h-e-a-v-y which makes pouring the soil into the tower difficult. (Chloe and I did it together.)

3. Build your Flower Tower where you will be placing it unless you are a power lifter, or have a trolley. Wish I'd thought ahead! Also, do not  build this on your nice outdoor table. It's heavy and this advice seems like common sense. It should be. (Watch the end of my video and see why my husband calls me "the Julia Childs of gardening.")

Building a flower tower

4. Do not be discouraged if your Flower Tower doesn't look perfect when finished. It won't be as lush and full like the one from the The Home Depot Garden Club website and instead  may looks like ours, which will perk up, fill out, and fill in just as if you had planted in the ground. Crowding will only make your plants unhappy in the long run, and your Flower Tower should last through fall with TLC!

flower tower

5. Shopping for supplies doesn't take long . Just ask if you can't find something, and don't get distracted by all the dreamy grills, amazing pot varieties, and endless flower choices!

pretty flowers


6. Flower selection is based on pot size and height of your Flower Tower. I used 3 flats of pansies (impatiens are pictured below) with a 13" pot and 4 ft. galvanized wire, trimmed a bit. You should adjust according to your pot size and galvanized wire size.

selecting impatiens

That's it, this is a simple project and loads of fun! Happy building and be sure to check out our other Flower Tower posts:

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Upcoming: How we’ve been inspired to #Digin!

Please keep us posted on all your gardening projects, we love hearing about them!

XO ~Kim

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Home Depot.