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Home Depot Flower Tower: Supply Time!


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Home Depot, but all opinions are my own.

So what was the first thing Chloe and I did when we got ready to #digin and build our Flower Tower? After joining The Home Depot Garden Club and taking a look at the supplies we would need, we hopped in the car and headed to our local Home Depot. I know, I know... if you're anything like me, having a shopping list can make your eyes glaze over!

But, since I've been a longtime regular shopper at The Home Depot, I knew I'd have no trouble finding exactly what I needed, because the store service is exceptional. It's not ok, it's not sometimes good... it's always fantastic. (Reality Check: I'm saying it because it's always been true for me!) If you can't find something, just ask an employee.

home depot #digin

Supply List

YARDGARD 4 ft. x 50 ft. 14-Gauge Welded Wire Scotts 4 ft. x 220 ft. Landscape Fabric Wiss Tinner’s Snips Tenax 7 in. Black Fence Ties - 50 Pack Garden Spade Flower Pot Work Gloves Utility Knife Potting Soil Plants (as needed)

the home depot

Since it was a gorgeous day, we started in the garden area and quickly gathered a flower pot, work gloves, garden spade, and landscape fabric. We're over 1/3 done shopping!

Flower Tower Supplies

I asked where the galvanized wire was, which we were told was behind the lumber. I passed utility knives on the way, so grabbed one in red (it matched my outfit and that was super-important) and picked up the galvanized wire, which is on the opposite side of the store from gardening in the very back, FYI, and then asked about the snips and ties. TIP: Since we cut our wire down, I think the 3 ft. wire could be tall enough, depending how wide your pot is and the height you want Flower Tower. Remember, you need enough wire IN your pot for it to be steady.

The fence ties, located in Electronics, are simply zip ties and come in even lengths, except online, so we bought a 20 pack of 6" zip ties. The Home Depot employees also helped us find the tin snips which we learned cut through wire and tin. We purchased ones that look like scissors because we thought they would be more useful in an all-around sort of way. Chloe and I will be able to use them in all types of DIY projects, I'm sure!

The Home Depot

We saved the heaviest and most fun supplies for last: the potting soil and plants. We selected a large bag of Moisture Control potting soil since I wanted something that would drain easily and conserve water when I, ahem, forget to water! TIP: I needed even more soil, so you might need another small bag of soil.

the home depot

And lastly, I chose flowers, originally wanting to place the Flower Tower on my porch which truly needs a punch of color. But, I selected pansies, due to color, size, and spreading capabilities, and they need at least 6 hours of sunlight, so this Flower Tower is going on the back patio, and my next one will grace the front! I bought 4 flats of pansies and used 3. TIP: The Home Depot has a wonderful return policy and will accept returns of annuals so long as they are still in excellent shape.

Thanks to the amazing customer service, we were done in almost a jiffy (note to self: chat less, keep laser focused instead of admiring flowers, & shop more!) and headed home to begin our project!

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Let me know when you #digin to your gardening projects! I'd love to hear about them!

XO ~Kim

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Home Depot.