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Katy Perry: Part of Me - Movie Review

katy perry

We <3 Katy Perry. We absolutely adore her. But we were skeptical of a Katy Perry movie. I mean, we'd already seen her in concert, so what could we possibly see in the movie that we hadn't already seen? Seriously, why bother when you've already seen the concert, listened to the songs, heard the drama about the break-up, read People magazine, etc.... But as true fans, who decided to give it a chance, but skip the 3D version (which we suggest you do too) and we left the movie theater even bigger Katy Perry fans, if that was possible. katy perry part of me

Katy Perry's "Part of Me" movie turned out be an inspiring tale of how much hard work and dedication it takes to become such a huge star. When most of us think about famous people we think how fabulous their lives are and how we wish we could be in their shoes, but we often forget that most famous people had to work really, really hard to be where they are today.  Part of Me reminds us that if we work hard enough we really can accomplish our dreams.

Walking into the theatre we didn't really know what to expect. We thought the movie would show a lot of Katy's concerts (which it did), but not really show much of her real life ups and downs (but it did). However, the movie showed a ton of personal information, but never slammed anyone. In true Katy Perry style she stayed upbeat, even in the midst of her own personal heartbreak.  And, she wasn't an overnight success, there were years of hard work, coupled with luck along the way.

But Part of Me also showcases how nice Katy Perry is. Sure, this is her movie and her editing, but you can't fake the stuff from before she was famous! Pretty much everyone who works for her started out as "nothing," just like her.  Her stylist is one of her closest friends, she discovered him, and now he's on tour with her... she just seems loyal, respectful, fun, and hardworking. And now, Katy Perry is one of the most iconic pop stars of our generation, proving once again that "what comes around goes around." The concert shots were entertaining, but the behind-the-scenes footage adds subtle, yet substantial, lessons in being a true "star" with lots of examples of perseverance and being true to yourself. Katy Perry's Part of Me really did share a part of her... and we definitely recommend it!