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Seventeen Ultimate Guide to Beauty: Book Review

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The SEVENTEEN ULTIMATE GUIDE TO BEAUTY: The Best Hair, Skin, Nails & Makeup Ideas for You is our favorite summer beauty book! This brand new book shows teen girls how to do everything in makeup and achieve looks: from boho to glam! seventeen ultimate guide to beauty

Seventeen Ultimate Guide to Beauty: The Best Hair, Skin, Nails & Makeup Ideas for You is divided into 3 sections: Makeup, Hair and Beauty Resources. The makeup section portrays ideas for all skin types and complexions, with a wide variety of ideas for eyes, cheeks, skin and lips, plus overall looks. You select a look you want and Seventeen Ultimate Guide to Beauty breaks down how to get it. The Beauty section is a good go-to guide for how to achieve a certain look.

seventeen ultimate guide to beauty

The hair section is an amazing resource for those who have long, flowing hair. My hair is mid-length, so although I like the ideas, I'm not sure how many will actually will work on me, but I'll definitely be trying them. Where the book comes up short (yep, pun intended) is for girls with short hair. There are no ideas for them! It would be nice to see some cute ideas of how to style shorter hair. I always love how Emma Watson has fresh and inventive ways of styling her hair.

Seventeen Ultimate Guide to Beauty

I like the Beauty Resources section because it has beauty tips about skin and nails and detailed ideas of what types of products I need for anything from breakouts to dry hair. It's a great section to refer to for specific advice.

Thumbing through the book instantly gives me the reason why I like this book so much: there is a picture to go along with everything that is being described. For example, white eyeliner is said to make your eyes look more awake and wider, and there is a picture of Kylie Jenner with white eyeliner. I also love the variety of styles (boho, glam, sporty) and it shows how to wear those styles in places teens typically go (school, date, weekend).  The absence of brand names was a relief, it made the pictures more fun to look at and made the book seem more like the reference book that it is. But my favorite parts are the beauty tips scattered throughout the book that I'm guessing are the tidbits the Author, Ann Shoket, and Editors of Seventeen Magazine have learned from years in the business!

Overall, I'd say the Seventeen Ultimate Guide to Beauty is a book that will not be getting dusty on my bookshelf. It's a beauty reference book I'll turn to again and again since it has all the best tips in one beautifully photographed book. It's beauty reference book with nuggets of wisdom from ladies in-the-know with the beauty facts I want to know!

And a huge thanks to Seventeen Magazine, for giving 3 of you a chance to win a copy of the Seventeen Ultimate Guide to Beauty book! a Rafflecopter giveaway