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Keurig Makes Life More Romantic

RECIPES, College, EXTRASChloe Gordon

You know those pictures that show the contents of people’s bags organized in a perfect manner. The lines between each object are unbelievably straight, not one object looks out of place, and everything just flows? You know the ones, right? 

If not click here here or here

The way these pictures make me feel is the exact same way drinking coffee makes me feel. You know what I mean. Just like totally put together and with it. Obviously, I probably don’t look put together and with it, but they always said it’s what’s on the inside that counts the most. 

Coffee just has super powers, I swear. I don’t know what it is but there’s something about coffee that just makes me feel great. It’s probably the caffeine, but we’ll call it magic

Keurig sent me a ton of k-cups to sample, and lemme tell you, receiving the box made me weak in the knees.

Obviously, the first one I had to try was the Maple Cream one. With words on the box including “no milk or sugar needed” and “sweet and creamy” it was a no brainer. It’s a little too hot in Florida to drink hot coffee, so I decided to get minimally creative and freeze the coffee into ice cubes and then put the ice cubes into a cup of regular coffee.

I’m trying to stay humble, but this idea might be my breakthrough to finally becoming a member of Mensa. 

Basically, it’s like having two cups of coffee in one, iced, and no sugar or milk needed. 

When I go back to college, you can bet your bottom dollar that I’m going to be filling my freezer with coffee filled ice cube trays. If you're going to college for the first time, going back to college, or living at all, you NEED a Keurig in your life. It makes life better, easier, and more romantic, honestly. 

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kale, avocado, grapefruit dip

RECIPESChloe Gordon
grapefruit guac

I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m a self diagnosed foodie. When given the option between working out or going out for a nice big breakfast/brunch/lunch/dinner/coffee date. I will always choose food. Even if I’ve already committed myself to a nice long workout. Food always wins. It’s inevitable. 

Anyway, I have a favorite restaurant. It seems a little silly to fully commit myself to one restaurant when there are so many out there that I have yet to try, but True Food is my restaurant soul mate. My true love. My one and only. I just know. You know? 

So anyway, my friend and I went to True Food for dinner the other night and there was a new appetizer on the menu. It had a cute name, but it was basically kale, avocado, grapefruit dip and it was amazing. So good. Like mouthwatering good. As soon as I got home after dinner I looked up the recipe because I needed to have this dip sitting in my fridge waiting for me at all times. It was seriously the best thing ever, no exaggeration. 

So I found the recipe online, thanks to the amazing invention that is Google. And I made it, like the professional chef that I am. Obviously, it wasn’t as good as the real thing, but it was (and is) still super yummy. I totally recommend making it so you can impress your tastebuds, friends, parents, co-workers, or anyone really. Just serve with some tortilla chips or the healthier flax seed cracker option and you’re good to go. 

mexican dip
kale, avocado, grapefruit dip

I found the recipe from Well ATL

So if you end up making this recipe please let me know how you (or your friends) like it! 
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diy s'mores pops

RECIPESChloe Gordon

There is a constant, agonizing battle between my brain and my stomach. My brain so desperately wants to be healthy/fit/lean but my stomach constantly craves carbs/dairy/sweets. It’s an endless struggle. Even though I hopelessly want my brain to be the winner of all internal duels, my stomach usually ends up winning. Ice cream after a long day at the pool? Absolutely. Eating a big brunch with friends instead of making it to the 11am spin class? You betcha. Skipping the s’mores dessert because “I shouldn’t?” Not happening, give me all the s’mores. 

That being said, my cousin recently had her bat mitzvah and at her party they were passing around these cute little s’more pops. They were basically a marshmallow dipped in chocolate and then dipped in graham cracker on a stick. I had one and I was hooked. I needed to eat every single one of them. Imagining them throwing the extra pops away left me feeling light headed and a little sweaty. I probably ate nine or ten, give or take, and could’ve easily eaten way s’more. (hehe couldn’t resist the pun)

Now that I’m home, these pops have been consuming my thoughts. They’re seriously all I can think about. I told my mom about the conundrum that I was facing and she suggested that I make my own. I know my mom is a smart woman, but I didn't know she was that smart. Of course I should make my own. It would be easy, cheap, and allow my stomach an endless source of happiness… forget my brain. 

s'mores pops
melting chocolate
smores pops diy
diy summer smokes pops

So if your stomach is anything like mine, you should most definitely make these for yourself. You won’t regret it, I promise. 

Ingredients for the S’more Pops: 
Graham Crackers
Dark Chocolate
Sticks (to stick the marshmallows on)

-First start by crushing your graham crackers. The smaller the crumbs the better. I just put the big pieces in a plastic bag and crushed them up with my hands. It should look like a sand-like consistency 
-Second, put your marshmallows on the stick. The stick should be right at the top of your marshmallow but not all the way through. 
-Third, melt your chocolate. I used a small bowl and put it on top of a boiling cup of water. This kept the chocolate melted and kept it from burning while I dipped the previous marshmallows. 
-Fourth, dip your marshmallow into the chocolate. Let the extra drip off before moving on to the next step.
-Fifth, dip your chocolate covered marshmallow in the bowl of crushed graham cracker. 
-Sixth, place your coated and covered marshmallow on a plate and once the plate is full, stick it in the fridge for a little while. 
-Seven, eat! Aka, the best step. 

And there you have it. A perfect summer treat. Let me know if you end up making them!