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Just Be

Chloe Gordon

A few semesters ago I had a guest speaker in one of my huge lecture classes. It seemed like most of the time the guest speakers for this class (an intro level class for my major) all had the same advice. “Do what you love, and you won’t work a day in your life.” Or even, “I just got lucky and that’s how I ended up in this dope kick ass executive position.” But this specific guest speaker told us the cold hard truth: "making it big in the creative world is fucking hard" You have to work hard to make it big, and honestly, who are you trying to make it big for?

I loved his brutal honesty, lack of sugar coating, and true “grin and bear it” attitude. When he said his favorite book was The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand I knew I had to read it. I put it off for like six semesters until now, but I finally started it. And you know what? I wish I had started earlier, not only because it’s really long and who knows when I’ll finish it, but also because it’s really inspirational. I’m only like 20 pages in ( (call me a fake fan, I dare you)  but so far it has a lot of quotable lines. I think the one line that I like the most is when the main character talks about who will stop him from doing his creative thing and asks his professor why he can't create new and innovative things.

So often I think we are motivated to accomplish certain things by certain times based on what certain people think. It’s sometimes very hard to pave your own path, but when you do it’s very rewarding (not that I really know because I have yet do actually do so). 

So anyways, as the real world is starting to creep closer and closer, I decided to promise to myself to pave my own path. To do creative things for myself only. To do things I want to do, for myself only. To just be, without the approval needed from anyone else. 

And with that promise, the other day I went on a little picnic with one of my littles from the sorority and we captured a few pretty pictures along the way.