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Sharks know best

Chloe Gordon

I'll be the first to admit it, I'm a Shark Tank addict. I've watched every single episode since day 1 of the show and am always looking forward to seeing the products and learning about entrepreneurship. I've bought a couple of products, but tune in weekly to find great new companies and ideas. One of the very first ideas that caught my attention was Drop Stop. it immediately had me saying, "Why didn't I think of that?!" But I didn't and they did and it's perfect. So let me know tell you all about it.

Drop Stop is a simple concept that is a seat gap filler for your car. You know the gap as where all your spare change and french fries disappear. The Drop Stop does exactly what it says: it stops anything from dropping in the gap. It's a neoprene tube with a cutout for your seat belt and takes less than a minute to install. 

Drop Stop review

At first when I was installing mine, I didn't think it would fit. But I rotated my seat belt latch up a bit and it fit like a charm. 

Drop Stop before
Drop Stop after


Besides catching dropped food and change, I also think this is a good idea to put in my kids' car so they aren't digging for something that dropped while driving. In fact, Oprah and AAA have endorsed Drop Stop to declutter your car and drive safely. Drive safe and check out the Drop Stop.