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what is happiness?

Chloe Gordon

In my Writing and Rhetoric class this past week we watched the movie Into The Wild, and I have to say, I loved this movie so much. 

At first I wasn’t so into it. It moved kind of slowly, but after I finished watched it I started to think about the themes and the message and the beauty of the cinematography (I’m a nerd and proud), and I realized how great of a film it is. 

If you haven’t seen it yet, I totally recommend watching it. It’s a tear jerker for sure, but it’s just a classic movie. I think the greatest thing I took away from it was the quote “happiness is only real when shared.” 

I started thinking about this quote and how close to home it hit. I, like any normal human, need space. I need time alone. Time to think. Time to reflect. Time to understand. But my happiest moments in life aren’t those that have been spent alone. My happiest memories and moments have been the times that I’ve spent with my friends and family. 

Life is this huge complex world. It’s hard to understand and even harder to process, but with people it becomes easier. It becomes simpler. Happiness is found through laughter and shared experiences and a mutual feeling. All of these attributes are found when you’re with people. When you’re surrounded by people who care and who you care about. 

Sure running away to pure nature sounds liberating, freeing, and even romantic, but it isn’t a lifestyle that can be sustained. Life is great through happiness and happiness is only real when shared.

thanks for reading!