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I always look forward to fall with its crisp, fresh air, turning leaves, and a promise of flaming fireplaces and snuggly sweaters. Since moving to Colorado and taking up hiking, I’m also anticipating cooler days and changing scenery as I explore some new areas and return to some well-worn ones. Looking at the fall colors from the car is always a treat, but walking in the middle of the changing scenery is a majestic treat! But it’s not only the fall foliage that captivates me, I’ve realized there are 3 things I really look forward to seeing on a hike:

Breckenridge 2015

1.    Kids and parents. I remember when I used to go hiking with my parents in the woods behind our home. We would hike for hours, or so it seemed, until we came to the end of the wooded area, or one of us sat on a cactus (that would be me). Those days instilled in me a love of wandering and a thrill in being outdoors. It’s a place where I find myself thinking more logically, letting go of the mundane, and focusing more intently on tasks at hand. There’s no other activity that revitalizes me so completely.

best family hikes

2.     A beautiful view. Considering that I’m in Colorado and the landscape is so different from anywhere I’ve lived, every view in Colorado is spectacular. But some are more memorable than others, such as The Burro Trail in Breckenridge or a view of Red Rocks from multiple hiking areas. The wildflowers and the peaks remind me of Switzerland… or the opening from the Sound of Music. My only drawback while outdoors on a hike is my allergies. When a breeze kicks up dust or we are hiking after a rainy day, my allergies can spring up and ruin my day. I’ve learned that the one thing I have to remember before heading out is to take Flonase® Allergy Relief (now available over the counter!), which allows me to be greater than my allergies. Once I do, I feel set for whatever adventures await on our hike!

Hiking views

3.     Hikers and their dogs. What is it about a trotting, panting dog that makes me smile? It’s probably the memories of the dogs in my life, and the love I see between the owners and dogs that I pass on the trails. They are all filled with happiness, and the energy they give off is contagious. Some dogs are carrying packs, some are happy to see people, and some are intent on finding wildlife in the area. But all of them are bursting with energy, which must mean they are enjoying their hike as much as their owners.

Seeing so many dogs on our hikes has made the conversation of having another dog in our family a constant discussion. We are seriously considering having a dog again and if we get one soon, I’m definitely going to enter our dog, who will undoubtedly be adorable, in the Flonase® Pet #FallofFame photo and video contest. Entering is easy. Show you and your pet being greater this fall for a chance to win the $5,000 grand prize & other prizes (like $250 in gift cards) here.

Please let us know if you enter, we would love to see your dog!! This weekend we are off on another hike… and I hope you are enjoying fall too.

Happy Hiking! ~Kim