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Micellar Water: lazily clean

BEAUTYChloe Gordon

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I'm not lazy when it comes to working out, getting work done, or powering through a Netflix series, but I'm incredibly lazy in my skincare routine. If it's not easy, it's not happening. In the past, I usually went to bed with my makeup on. But I've found a miracle, a remedy for both my laziness and my skincare issues: Micellar Water. It deserves all the one-swipe hype it's been getting. 

Micellar Water is the coconut oil of face cleansing since it does more than you ever think it could:

  • it take off makeup
  • it tones
  • it hydrates
  • it clears pores
  • it doesn't need to be rinsed off

I just take a cotton ball, rub my Micellar Water over my face and I'm done cleansing.  This simple addition to my beauty routine has changed my skincare for the better. Now that I've found a simple way to cleanse, I'm even moisturizing. Unsurprisingly, I have less breakouts, and I'm noticing my skin is brighter and clearer. Simple, fast and effective, I think I've found my beauty bff in Micellar Water.

XO ~Kim