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Feeling Fall

Chloe Gordon

It’s that time of year again: family, friends, giving thanks, sharing. Our family traditions haven’t changed much over the years, which I guess is the definition of tradition! But the one thing that has changed for me is my allergies. I don’t ever remember having them when I was younger, but they sure have made up for lost time and like reminding me how difficult life can be whenever I’m around greenery, and prepping the house for guests. Yes, allergies have a way of intruding even on the best of times. But, I’ve found the solution in Flonase® Allergy Relief.

Flonase allergy -holiday

Every year, we travel back home to Alabama to celebrate the holidays. The women take over and make everything “just so” around the house and in the dining room. And every year, my allergies go crazy with dogs, decorations, and the typical change in season whenever I travel from one climate to another.

fall allergies

This year, I’m not only excited about seeing family and decorating, but also preparing for the guests who will be coming for dinner. We love a natural holiday table, full of greenery and leaves and natural settings. My favorite task is to find the perfect setting from outdoors, and typically, I’m a watery-eyed mess before we are done scouting (and not from just laughing too hard or reliving the silly things we did when we were kids). But this year, I’m prepared! I won’t be traveling without my Flonase for the relief I need to be a in a different setting, and a bright-eyed, chipper aide.

how to get rid of fall allergies

Greenery and fall decorating, here I come!