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Online bra shopping: can you get a good fit?

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We are celebrating the hidden part of fashion lately on Popcosmo and now it's my turn! Sometimes, what you don't see is just as important as what you see... and can make you feel just as special. If you haven't checked out my mom's thoughts, you can do so here. My mom took me to buy my first bra when I was in fifth grade. I remember the whole experience like it was yesterday; big department store, employees who were beyond ready for their lunch breaks, pictures of women with perfect bodies. It was daunting to say the least.

Ever since that first ordeal of a bra shopping trip, I haven’t really enjoyed shopping for bras. I mean it’s kind of embarrassing, especially when there are boys in the store. Finding the right fitting bra is essential to a girl’s life and wardrobe so it really shouldn’t be this huge embarrassing mess that it so typically turns into (it’s not just me, right?).

Luckily, Aerie has come to my rescue and they have created an online bra shopping guide to help girls find the perfect fitting bra without having to even step foot in a store (or make human contact when purchasing a bra). All you have to do is enter your bra size and then it matches you with the bras that will best flatter your figure and size. This means you don’t have to scroll endlessly through tons of bras that might be better or someone with bigger or smaller boobs than you. Basically, it’s your own personal shopper which is a dream. And if they don't fit, you get free shipping AND free returns.

Aerie black

Aerie Bra (c/o)

Although I ordered my bras online and am super happy with the way they fit, feel, and the details on them, I happened to stumble into an Aerie store at the mall pretty recently. I was so impressed with the positive vibe that the store emitted and the women working at the store were so cheerful, kind, and helpful. It was a much more positive experience than any other bra store that I have been in lately. Plus, Aerie is even more amazing because they don’t Photoshop their models. They’re embracing the fact that girls should feel confident in their own bodies, and I absolutely love that about the brand. They have some great styles of bras (and undies) and they are uber comfortable.

Aerie pink

Aerie Bra (c/0)

Oh and P.S. If you happen to purchase anything from Aerie and want to be featured on their website, all you have to do is post a photo of the product on Twitter or Instagram and use the hashtag #aeriereal. Pretty cool, right?

xo ~chloe

This is a sponsored post but all opinions expressed are my 100% my own... as always!