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Spring in my step

FASHIONKim & Chloe
Spring Boden | popcosmo.com

The never-ending winter may finally be coming to an end... and we are ready to celebrate spring! While we can't wear our shorts and sandals daily quite yet, we can "spring-up" our outfits with some bright colors. Just pulling them on made us happy. Can you tell?

Louisville in the winter is grey and dreary, and as we leave it behind we need splashes of color to brighten the sea of the grey and black in our wardrobes!

And when I say we had fun, I mean we had some serious fun. Chloe was so giddy she couldn't stop giggling, which just made me happy & Erin laughed until she cried. {But being the pro she is, kept snapping pics!}  Yep, we believe in the power of color….

A bright & cheery spring to you!

Erin Trimble
Erin Trimble

xo ~kim & chloe