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Louisville's Atlantic No. 5 {Part 2}

FASHIONKim & Chloe

Chloe at coffee shop Doing school from home is boring. Super duper extra boring. I spend a ton of time in my house with my mom since it's been so cold lately, which is just about as fun as it sounds. But, lately I’ve been going to barre class, getting manicures and thrifting. To get out more, I’ve discovered how fun it is to do my school work in coffee shops. We have some amazingly inspiring coffee places around Louisville, and Atlantic No. 5 is my new favorite spot. The light is impeccable, there are vintage lunch boxes lining the walls (so cool), and the coffee and dessert are beyond excellent.

So, from now on when I’m in a rut with my school work I’m going to put on a comfy but cute outfit, and head out to a Louisville coffee shop. It’s the best way to feel inspired to work hard and also enjoy some yummy treats while doing those not-so-fun writing assignments and math problems. And maybe my mom (aka my best friend) will join me after she has her meetings so she'll treat me to some treats. ;)

xox ~Chloe

Chloe | popcosmo Clarks shoesOld Navy Jeans | popcosmo raqLjPW64iZbH5fuBmF7GxPC86-wf1QzG0xnrJBwE6k,NXWSSS3LUY38RibjERCxsxOsWA-6i5wduaG-5CrLDyg,MSQT1BnT4gVHTxgtbKJC4wPdWMEWFKlFl9F1iDcJW44popcosmo at Atlantic No. 5 Atlantic No5 | popcosmo.com Atlantic No. 5 | popcosmocoffee break at Atlantic No. 5

shirt: old | jeans: Old Navy | shoes: Clarks | necklace: Tiffany's

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