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DIY Frilly Christmas Pencils

DIYKim & Chloe

Looking for a stocking stuffer or a quick teacher gift? Or just a fun DIY to make to add some pizzazz to your desktop for the holidays? We were! And we created these very simple pencils that are Christmas Pencils or Hanukah Pencils inspired by our own desktop and some wrapping tissue that is pervading our home as we prepare for the holidays! But what's fabulous about them, is that they are perfect for any holiday or just any time your desk needs brightening. You know us... a gold pencil is something we'd use any day. Better yet, make that every day! DIY Holiday Crafts

Supplies needed: Supplies+

pencils (you could even cover old ones!) paintbrush (not pictured) tissue paper in any color Modge Podge scissors

Step 1: Cut a small piece to be the frilly colored top and a long piece to cover the pencil. DIY Christmas Pencils

Step 2: Place the pencil on the paper down to the bottom of the silver. pencil crafts

Step 3: Modge Podge the eraser and silver part of the pencil. how to make frilly pencils

Step 4: Roll the pencil in the frilly colored top piece applying Modge Podge to the area where the silver and eraser is as you roll it up. making frilly pencils

Step 5: Cut strips down into the frilly colored top, but do NOT go too far down. Save enough room towards the bottom so that you can twist it  (as seen in Step 8). Frilly Pencil Crafts

Step 6: Apply Modge Podge along the pencil around all sides. pencil craft ideas | popcosmo

Step 7: Wrap the pencil in the tissue paper, applying Modge Podge if there is overlap of one layer over another. steps to make cute pencils

Step 8: Apply Modge Podge to seal and let dry. Then twist the top near the frills. Enjoy! Christmas Pencil

Another option is to use a solid color piece of tissue paper or a piece of tissue paper with an all-over pattern and the same color frilly top. We chose gold (of course!), blue, and silver - perfect for Hanukah.

Hanukah craft ideas

Gold Pencil

Now we have a perfectly matched planner! TIP: To sharpen, just peel back the tissue paper if it won't fit in your sharpener.

cute pencils with frilly tops

Easy Hanukah Crafts

Enjoy your Christmas pencils or Hanukah pencils or everyday desk brighteners, and have fun making and using them! xox ~kim & chloe

Once again, we love bringing you Holiday Idea inspiration from our friends! Just click the link to see more... AND Stay tuned to our Monday posts for an extra special Holiday Giveaway from Easy Canvas! It's coming soon! 

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