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Cozy Sweaters

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An open letter to Fall: Oh Fall, how I love you so. Sunshine filled evenings have officially come to a close this year. As much as I will miss 6 o’clock sunshine, You are here. You make the leaves change to colors we forgot even existed, except on our Photoshop color pickers. You bring a crispness to the air that makes me think of winter but a warm breeze to remind me of summer days not quite forgotten.

But the best part about you is that you let us throw on layers of cozy sweaters and restock and refill our closets with comfy layers of clothes. And there is nothing, absolutely nothing, better than cozy sweaters for a relaxing day snuggled up at home or out and about on our way. Thank you Fall, for allowing me to bundle up in a sweater and let them keep me comfy at home or while I'm out... with falling leaves in the background.

xox ~chloe

In order to have an ideal snuggle day all I need are five things. One, a pair of chunky socks; two, a cup of perfectly warm tea; three, a good book; four, cozy sweaters; and five, a chilly fall day. And after I'm good and settled in... then I'm ready to venture out because I've got my sweater, like this oversized one from Jigsaw London in a perfect plum with a droptail hem, that'll make me feel like I'm snuggled up all day long! That's a perfect day!

How about you... what's your "cozy" outfit??

cute cozy seater for fall

cozy sweater 2013 | popcosmo

cozy sweater for fall | popcosmo

jigsaw london sweater | popcosmo

sweater: Jigsaw London (c/o) | jeans: Gap | socks: Urban Outfitters

photos by Erin Trimble