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Hobbies are a wonderful outlet for creativity. But the fabulous thing about them is you never know where they may lead. My hobby has always been photography. I bought my own "real" camera when I was 13. I'd always wanted one, but since I'd had a lot of hobbies, my parents just kept rolling their eyes at me and ignoring my repeated requests. After my Bat Mitzvah I saved my money and did a lot of research, which mostly involved asking my grandfather and uncle which cameras they recommended. I splurged on the best camera I could afford at the time, which is the one I still use. Looking back, my parents did the right thing. Investing my own time and money made me more committed to taking care of my camera and learning how to use it. I also have cared more about developing as a photographer. I never thought I'd be using the same camera years later for blogging... and I never thought I'd be taking photography classes or assisting photographers!

Finding a creative outlet keeps me happy and inspired, not to mention I can boss my mom around when I have a camera in my hands.

But I also can direct when she takes my pictures, which she did when I wore this outfit to my photography class tonight. We were going to take pictures in the field across from the photography studio because I think it's so soothing, just like my new necklace! I love playing with it, for some reason feeling it glide through my fingers keeps my mind from wandering and is so calming. Kind of like twirling my hair, but much more grown up. It's also so sturdy that I won't break it by running the beads through my fingers! Well-made and gorgeous are what you get from Kluster Shop and knowing it's handmade with sterling silver is important to me (and my sensitive skin). Thanks again Kluster Shop... you really do make "Happy Jewelry" and we are going to have to pick days of the week to decide who gets to wear our necklace because we both love it so much!

Kluster Shop Necklace

turquoise necklace

long necklace

handmade necklaces in Louisville

Necklace & Earrings: Kluster | shirt: Gap | purse: Madewell | pants: J. Crew | shoes: DSW | Jacket: H&M