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Black and white floral

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Black & white florals When I was a teen, I slipped on my brand new muted pink and green floral blazer so I could look just like Molly Ringwald in the picture below. Feeling the silk lining brush my skin, I didn't worry that the color wasn't the best for me and would probably look better on a blonde and best on a redhead. Practicalities didn't matter, since sliding one arm in was halfway to channeling Molly Ringwald. Twisting and turning to ease my other arm into the jacket, hiking it up so the arms were just so, and channeling my best pout, I "was" her. Until, very quickly, realization set in that I couldn't channel someone else by wearing similar clothes. Lesson learned!

And I can tell you that florals were waaay out of my comfort zone - I think I wore the blazer only 2 or 3 times, mostly out of guilt. I have definitely realized solids, and very occasionally stripes, checks, or plaids are not only easy for me, but when cut well can be divine. Textures, subtle weaves, and solid construction in fine fabrics are my siren's song.

floral pants Molly Ringwald

But this black and white floral skirt sang to me, probably because the color palette in an oversized pattern, resulting in abstraction of a floral print. Adding some stripes and my ever-loved booties to keep the floral casual, I had an outfit that felt not so floral, but all me. But black and white without an accent can seem a bit dull, so I needed just a splash of color.

Thanks to Kluster Shop, I now have a versatile necklace I'll be sharing with Chloe when I need a pop of color married with a deeper color for texture. The grey highlights the black and white, but the turquoise is what gives the outfit the pop it needed. I'm looking forward to all the ways I can wear this necklace: wrapped, long, as an accent or with complementary colors. Thanks again Kluster Shop for creating a stunning piece that we both adore!

kluster shop

stripes and florals

necklace: Kluster Shop (c/o) | sweater: Agnes b. old (similar) | shirt: Madewell | skirt: Zara (similar)| booties: Rag & Bone

What is something you thought you couldn't wear... but surprised yourself by wanting to wear or actually wearing?