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Internet Loves Lately: 9/13

internet loves lately
  1. This looks like a DIY that even I could pull off. I’m considering trying to make it, so we’ll see if I can actually pull it off. I’ll Instagram the completion if I do actually attempt to be crafty. 
  2. This video makes me believe in true love more than I already did. Cheesy? Absolutely. But the video is hilarious and cute all in one. 
  3. Free People’s Pinterest account has become my favorite. They post consistently and I absolutely love all of their re-pins and original pins. Definitely a must follow. 
  4. Sh*t Bloggers Wear. Genius. That’s it. Pure genius. I always tell my mom that I don’t feel like a “real” blogger when I’m not wearing the latest “super awesome trendy thing” and then I step back and listen to how ridiculous I sound. 
  5. My Kindle Fire is amazing. I think I might be addicted to watching seasons upon seasons of free series. Like seriously, it’s an issue. 
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