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Patterned Pants

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neon purse patterned pants

These pants were a big leap for me... last year. I'm not a huge pattern person, but I needed a new outfit in a hurry and these pants just spoke to me. And now I wear them all the time. Do you ever have that happen to you? You're not expecting to buy something out of your comfort range and BAM, something strikes your fancy and then it becomes "part" of you? Since buying these pants, more and more color started creeping into my wardrobe. I've started craving color & it's becoming a habit to brighten my outfit, which also brightens my day. printed pants

white blazer

neon purse patterned pants

metallic shoes


shirt: Urban Outfitters (similar)| belt: J. Crew | pants: J. Crew | shoes: Michael Kors  (similar) | purse: Target | nails: Jamberry Nails

I liken this new color habit to the change in our taste buds (silly, but bear with me). Isn't it every 7 years we develop new tastes? Fashion is a taste and, well, I'm on a new fashion kick. Maybe it's because I'm getting older and starting down that hill towards 50 (and we all know going downhill is much more fun than going uphill)!  Or maybe it's like my newfound love of spicy food and zesty guys (only in the zesty ads though, hubby comes first). Perhaps... and just go with the flow here for a minute... perhaps our fashion tastes change every 7 years or so just like our taste buds do. Not convinced? Hmmm, me neither actually. But it is something worth considering when I look back at some questionable choices I made over the years!

I do still prefer simple cuts, classic shapes, and excellent fit. They are what crave when I don't know what to wear. Throw in few trendy styles a season and fabulous shoes, and I'm set. However, I'm playing with patterns + color lately. Lots of them.  And last night, I ate  jalapenos. Things are getting wild and hot around here. And I'm not hearing any complaints. :)

Have your styles changed over the years - to get wilder or tamer?

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