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Bad Hair Day: Short Hair Version

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what to do when you're having a bad hair day


Bad Hair Day Tips


Scarf: Talbots/ Jacket: J.Crew / Shirt: J.Crew Factory / Clutch: J.Crew Factory / Jeans: Target / Shoes: Yosi Samra / Necklace: J.Crew

I so envy you long hair gals.  Whenever you're having a bad hair day, all I hear is "I had to throw my hair back in a sleek ponytail, 'cause I was running late" or "oh, I just twist my hair up in a cute, little messy bun when I don't know what to do." A messy bun, for god's sake, dirty hair in a bun even gets its own name and it's chic. Short hair that's dirty and messy is just short, dirty, messy hair. Rat's nest is what my mom called it. A hat day is what I call it.

I'm growing my hair out from a pixie cut and trying to love the frizz curl. So on dirty or bad hair day, I'm desperately trying to decide what to do with bangs that reach my nose. I've resorted to pulling it back in a scarf. I've been through this phase before but my bandana days are over, so I'm scouting out chic scarves.

Another trick is that I'm toting Chloe's neon clutch to draw the eye away from my hair and a bright lipstick. Now you know that my dirty hair secrets, what are yours?

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