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Girl Crush: Abigail Rose


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Abigail Rose is a teen country music singer, songwriter, and musician who lives in Nashville and travels around the USA performing.  We love chatting with teen musicians, both guy and gal singers, pop, R&B stars, or country.  Chloe and I are so blown away with Abigail Rose's talent that we had to introduce her to you. She's playing some big arenas in Nasvhille and some cool spaces around the country, so if you're lucky enough to have her in your town, don't miss the chance to see her!  


Age: 16 Always has: a song stuck in my head. Proudest of: opening for Sara Evans Is thankful for: supportive family Wants to: inspire people with my music Is afraid of: sharks Believes everyone should: visit as many new places as you can Is embarrassed by: her messy closet My style is: hobo chic but I love anything vintage! Pet peeve: lemon seeds in a drink

http://youtu.be/i70Y5zoZaRU Tour schedule and more videos in the links below.


How did you get started in music? I just had an interest in it and started having all these ideas that I wanted to tell people so when I got my first guitar, I started putting my ideas with music and songwriting just came really naturally to me. There was no stopping me after that. At what point did singing become more than a hobby? I think when I started home schooling, I knew there was no turning back. I knew before then that I wanted to do this for the rest of my life, but when I made the decision to leave regular school and dedicate my time to music, I think that is when it really sunk in. Is the Nashville music scene anything like the show “Nashville”?! Yes! Callie Khouri, the writer of the show, has done a great job showing different aspects of the industry, not just the country side. I really love how Nashville is becoming well-known and respected. It’s fun to see local places on the show. Your career is skyrocketing… do you have time for school and activities besides singing and songwriting? I do. I’m very much a kid at heart. I hang out with my friends, go shopping, watch my favorite shows like Suits, The Carrie Diaries and Pretty Little Liars. Living in Nashville gives me so many opportunities to be around music, which is what I love, so when I have free time I still choose to be around music and go hear other people play.

country singer

When did you realize you had a true gift for music? How about your parents? I always knew I wanted to perform but when I got my first guitar when I turned 11 I realized that I wanted to be a songwriter and performing artist. I started writing songs and playing out a little bit and fell in love! My parents supported me from the beginning and were behind me for whatever I wanted to try. I am eternally grateful for that. I think they knew I was committed when I decided to be homeschooled so I could really focus on music. What would you recommend for other singers / songwriters (ie, how do you know if singing is a hobby or a career)? When you can’t go a day without writing and you need to be around music to feel complete. Another way I knew is because I am never happier or more myself than when I am on stage performing! Who are your biggest musical influences? Well I get a lot of my inspiration from tons of different artists, not all in country music. Someone I look up to and hope people compare me to one day would be Sheryl Crow. How do you write songs and from where do you draw your inspiration? Usually I get ideas from everyday life. I write down lines or ideas all the time and I never know when something will hit me. I pull a lot of my song ideas from my experiences, but I also get ideas from my friends and family…or a tv show or movie. When will you say “Wow, I’ve made it!” That is such a hard question! I mean, playing at the Grand Ole Opry and the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville are two places that you dream of playing at when you are a country music singer. That will be a defining point for my career. But when I say, “wow I’ve made it,” I think that will be later in life…. What’s up in immediate future and where can we see you perform? I am focusing on writing right now. A lot. I try and write every day. I am also in the recording studio a lot now…working on defining my sound and getting comfortable with the sound I want to produce as an artist. You can always find out where my next show is on my website at AbigailRoseMusic.com  and my videos are on YouTube. I'm also on Twitter and Facebook!