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DIY Camera Strap

DIYKim & Chloe

I've really gotten into photography and my camera has become more of an accessory than just a camera. So, I needed to make it a lot cuter than it was. The only way to do that was, of course, a DIY camera strap, to make the strap stand out, because the camera is just a camera. It's SO much easier than you would think. The hardest part? Picking out the colors and styles. For realz. In fact, I'll show you 2 options.

how to make a camera strap


Cute Camera Strap

Gather your supplies. You'll need your camera, scissors, 2 D rings, attachments (we used clips with rings so we could easily interchange straps since they are so easy to make that we made more than 1!), fray stop, liquid stitch, cotton webbing and trim - which are both found in the trim section of a hobby store like Joanne's or Hobby Lobby. Cotton webbing will be strong enough to hold your camera... and will be comfortable around your neck!

cute camera straps

Attach clips to the camera. We found ours in the jewelry section of our hobby store. I actually decided to turn these around and do the rings on the camera and clips on the strap so that I could change the strap whenever I want - this DIY camera strap is so easy, I'll be making lots more!

DIY camera strap

Apply fray stop to the ends of the cotton webbing. Let dry (it will not take long.)

DIY camera strap

Once dry, fold over the end of your webbing through a D-ring and apply liquid stitch liberally. I used clips to hold it securely until it dried.

how to make a camera strap

**COMPLETELY OPTIONAL STEP: sew the ends! We used invisible thread, ok, it's nylon, but it's really hard to see, so you don't have to know how to sew well at all. Just go back and forth until you feel comfortable that you have a good hold. It's a good idea if you attach a zoom lens and the camera is heavy. Trust me, my mom and I don't sew and we managed this step!

DIY camera strap

Once dried, you can begin decorating with your choice of trim. I chose a daisy pattern. Since the daisy has small pieces extending from the center, I had to apply the liquid stitch all the way to to top and bottom of the webbing so that the petals wouldn't lift up. But since it dries clear, it's not a problem!

cute camera strap

Liquid stitch applied liberally and drying.

cute camera strap

See, it dries clear! No signs of my messy liberal glue application  ;-)

how to make a cute camera strap

The finished product, ready for music festivals and OOTD shoots.

replacement camera strap tutorial

But wait, there's more! Since this was so darned easy, I wanted a more dressy look. And since I am just dying for spring and into everything flowery right now, I chose another flower look. Here is another supplies photo.

wedding camera strap

And my finished product:

how to make your own camera strap

And Chloe's off to take pictures!

DIY camera strap

Does your camera have a cute camera strap? If not, what would your DIY camera strap look like?

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